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Yes, I am alive. I may be fighting for my life in the way of being in proximity of the flu virus when I went to visit Holly this weekend, but I am alive. I am also, officially, engaged. Yes, that's right, I'm one step closer to being eternally connected to the love of my life. I'm both excited relieved. Excited because I'm engaged to a really amazing girl, and relieved that I was able to plan a reasonably neat way to propose. Suffice it to say that since I last wrote after going to Knoxville the first time, I've been either sick with a cold, planning my proposal (remind me to NEVER plan one of those again), or just not feeling like writing.

I also don't want to trivilize my amazing experience ... I probably won't surprise Holly like I did last Friday night for a long while, but tonight for some reason I don't feel inspired to write a full description. I suppose it could be the residuals of the virus trying to get me ... it also could be the fact that I never seem to get enough sleep when I go and visit her and I'm still suffering from zombie syndrome. That being said, I just wanted to write a quick post to tell everyone that reads this thing about my news, and also make a promise to myself that I'll write down the full details before they disappear with time.

For now though, I think I should eat some dinner, take my flu medicine, and go to bed. I'm using the power of positive thinking to convince myself not to get it, that and Tamiflu, and I think ... no I know that it's working. I don't have a fever, I'm not coughing, and all the symptoms that I'm feeling is just being tired. I should have time to recount the story of the proposal, our audience, and the ring. It's not a glamorous story, but I think it's unique. More soon.
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