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By a book. Continuing with the series of utterly preposterous subject lines to grab the attention of the reader, I bring you Kidnapped, because that's what I've been for a couple of days. I started reading Duma Key by Stephen King, and it's got me hooked and won't let go for another 100 pages or so. Creepy, and page turning, it's King at his typical, and it makes me want to read the rest of his books, something I've said I want to do for years. Sure, he can be predictable at times. Sure, I've read many of his books. But I haven't read them all. Right now, I'm concentrating on Duma Key and it's keeping my mind off of my troubles--at least for now.

My troubles aren't life threatening as much as they are maddening. I still haven't heard anything from any possible job, and it's been about a month since I have. I told one of the companies that I would be available to work in February, and they still ahven't been telling me yes or no yet. I know that in time I will find a job, but it's time that I don't have. I don't think I can get married until I have a job. That way I can have some reliable medical insurance, and also be able to see positive signs in my checkbook rather than negative ones, and trust me, those negatives will increase, especially with getting marrried, moving into a house etc. All I can do is pray, and have faith that everything will be okay.

Otherwise, nothing much is going on here. I went to church yesterday, and the messages were particularly powerful. The people in the Jacksonville ward have fully accepted me, and though I'm not sure if I feel like the ward at Jacksonville is my home yet, I do know that they've been very friendly to me. I'd rather not make it my home though, because this puts getting a job closer to being something that will happen long from now and further from being what I want and need for my life. I guess whatever will happen will happen.

I talked with the jewelry store today and they said that they would replace the stone for free this time, but that it was their opinion that the stone had taken a hit and cracked. Cracked after two days. TWO DAYS!!! I was kind of sad at this because if it's going to crack that easily, I'm not sure if opal is going to be the way to go. Engagement rings are supposed to be timeless, and if Holly's breaks every week, that's going to be heartbreaking. So we'll have to wait for them to get the new stone and that will take a few weeks or so. Then we'll see how long it lasts, and if it doesn't, then we'll have to think about new stones. :-(

More soon, book calls.

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