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crochet cogitations, speaking on jobs (or lack thereof), and other multimusings

It's over 70 degrees outside which allows me the opportunity to write in my journal to the background music of the wind chimes behind me in the breeze. I don't have a huge excuse as to why I haven't written lately, but Holly came last week for her spring break, and we really had a good time together. In the other time I've had--before she came, and now after--I've been waiting to hear from or about job opportunities, and trying to finalize my thesis. You would think that with as little as I have to get done on my thesis, that it would be an easy task, but when you're working with an advisor who has to finalize the thing visually and styllistically, you must work on his schedule. I thought it was pretty much done, but found out yesterday that some pictures that were supposed to be inserted into the thing weren't there, so I'm now waiting ... again.

I heard from the company that I intervviewed with a while ago. They said, in short, that they didn't have any immediate jobs available for me, but that they were still interested in my skills and that they would let me know when something became available. I guess I'm glad that they finally told me what was going on for sure, but I'm still disappointed. I'm not discouraged, but I'm now minus an immediate propsect, and am religated to either waiting for them or waiting for thme while searching for other jobs, or going back to get more education. The unknown is always very scary, and this unknown is particularly so since I'd like to start making money, get some insurance, and subsequently feel like I can get married and support a family. All is not lost, and the life game continues. It's the wait and see portion of the life game that I'm not too fond of. This awiting only makes the fact that I miss Holly and miss being around her harder to deal with. If I could drive, I'd brave the $3 gas prices and make the drive, but the only safe (for you and I) wayu for me to travel is to fly, and that gets expensive. I'm just trying to have faith that I'm following the plan and that the Lord has me in mind.

So I've been a bit on the saddish side this afternoon, so I'm really glad that it's a nice day outside. Nice days outside always make me smile.

I've been crocheting a lot lately. I made a hat a few days ago. Not sure why (probably because of my yarn gauge or my hook size) but it was way too big for me. The fam say it looks like I'm wearing a helmet. Holly likes big hats, so I'll probably send her my first attempt and try to make one that is either easier to make (less stitches) or take a break on making hats and scarves for now and continue on making my huge blanket I've been working on for a couple of months ago. I have the time, and as long as my elbow continues to behave, it keeps my mind somewhat occupied, especially when I learn new stitches. I've also occupied my mind and time looking on the internet for other guys who crochet. They do exist, and I'm happy to increase the ranks of guys who crochet by one.

I have things to do--that never is in doubt--but I sure wish I could be productive in the working man way and not feel like I'm treadmilling my way through life vicariously through a crochet hook or a good book. At least there is basketball to be watched, and I can practice my multitasking abilities (a job skill that must be honed) by watching basketball, crocheting, and reading a book--all at the same time. I definitely can crochet and watch the game, but I'll have to work on the reading bit.

It's getting somewhat warm out here and I probably need to get inside before my family gets home, so I should end it here. Still keeping positive, trying to at least, and maybe I can stay that way to continuing the journaling thing. More soon.

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