Ner (djner) wrote,

whoops, and other musings

I was making lunch this afternoon, and then realized, much too late, that I promised the chemistry /physical science teacher at Searcy High School, my Mom's school, I would do a day of presentations. I did a couple of demonstrations/how do I do things presentations for the physical science teacher, and then promised I would do the same for the honors physical science class. I feel really bad because I completely and totally forgot about it. I remembered about it the first time (we scheduled a time the day I said I would talk to the students), but then it got postponed, and my brain subsequently permanently postponed remembering the postponment. Whoops!

My masters thesis defense is starting to come ogether. From the file of ... what the??? I got a message from my advisor and he said that we would have to move the defense from the normal chemical engineering conference room. He said that we might be a bit tight on time as the other conference room had something scheduled at 3:30 (we planned for two hours, from 2 to 4 pm). I then found out that I got preempted by a baby shower. Yes, that's right, thesis defense gets moved due to baby shower. Apparently, it was going to be too difficult to let everyone know about the change. I'm not upset, I just find it hilarious that an academic milestone as important as the defense of a thesis, gets moved due to a social engagement. Hmmm. Ah yes, our tuition and tax dollars at work.

Nonetheless, it will happen, and I'm ready for my personal inquisition to stop and for my shiny new diploma to come in the mail.

In other news, and before I go, who besides me wishes the Democratic primary was over? Anybody? Anybody? I think that, if the media had its way, they would prod it along until October, leaving a blood and guts trail with a bit of mud and smut added in across our exciting nation. Yay!

Bed calls, so I'm out of here.

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