Ner (djner) wrote,

First trip in

Just went out on the first trip into town and it seemed to go really well. I seemed to be able to move like one unit with my "dog", the instructor, and that is the first step in getting to a place where I will actually get that dog. The plan for the rest of the day, as far as I can tell, is lunch, and then dog handling with one of the dogs from the kennels. From there, I don't know what will happen. I thought that we'd make one more trip into town, but I was wrong.

It's interesting how I'm able to remember so much of the building, and Morristown itself since I last came here in 1998. I haven't even thought about the actual place much since then, and it seems like it's all coming back to me. Even the set routes i.e.t he names of the routes etc., are coming back.

It was not too cool, but cool enough as we travelled down South Street, which is the main street in town. I'm sure that people from Morristown are used to seeing a person holding onto a harnes which an instructor is holding, but it's still odd to think what they might be thinking. People just seemed to walk right by and not pay us any heed. It gave us time and the ability to practice latteral stepping (basically following close to the dogas they go around obstacles), so that was kinda neat.

More soon.
Tags: the seeing eye

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