Ner (djner) wrote,

cool technicians

I should take back what I said about Classic net. I was not irate and explained my problem to Matt, a guy I'd actually talked to before seeing as I've called them lots of times. He said that the t3 hadn't been installed yet, sure enough, and I said that this was not too acceptable. He agreed, said hold on let me do something. He had me do a couple of things and then told me to try my uploads again. What he's done is given me premium business coverage meaning I can upload at a higher rate, 768 k and also download at a higher rate. I asked him if it would show up on our bill and he said no it wouldn't it. Damn technicians have too much power, not. So, I'll be doing tests later but as I wwas able to upload at like 60 k/sec earlier I doubt I'll have any other problems, at least I hope not. We'll see. Not that you care, but I'll write back about how it worked or not. Long live the bad and immoral technician that gives out free internet services. Bad bad technician, bad! Matt said to call again if the new bandwidth hadn't been installed soon. Guess I'll have to ask for him, the horrible and audacious technician. Classic net rocks!
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