Ner (djner) wrote,

finally, an update

Don't totally lose yourselves when you find out that I'm updating my entries. Just live with the long absence. It won't happen again. I'm finally updating my journal as I should do more often being as I have a working and very fast desktop. I'm back up at Fayetteville as well, which makes things easier.

I'm currently very hungry, waiting for Brough to open at 10.30 so I can get some lunch. It's really great to be able to listen to internet radio without having to worry about what you download, and to listen to it at 128k, wow! Sorry, you'd have to live in Australia where they monitor your bandwidth very closely to understand.

I hope I can deal with teh CSD today as they've continued to be annoying. Elaine in teh office particularly doesn't have a clue. She seems to put me in the pool of all the other students and forgets that I am a math science major. The textlab is quickly realizing that they ahve to re remember how to produce braille. Their braille embosser is being stupid and not embossing without huge problems. I reckon it's duxbury which I think they're warming to the idea.

I hooked up my speakers and workng computer to power, and it really sounds good. Now all I have to do is call the computer store to see if they have network cards and/or firewire cards, and I should be fine. I need to connect my laptop and computer together, and also need to be able to access my firewire hard drive from the desktop as well as the laptop.

I can now send email attachments. It had to be something with my laptop and how it communicated with the mail server. The desktop ran the attachment straight through without any problems, so now I can do my quiz for rreactor design and attach it to him, oh darn!!!! I'll do it after class, the chem engineering department could care less.

Why must there exist lots of freaks in this world. I'll be calling the exciting EDr. Em Ward, my electric circuits and machines teacher and see what she found with meeting with the CSD. Hopefully she's gained more of a clue about the ways of the world. Who knows, she probably hasn't. When the hell is Col. Myers going to get back, I need someone that can kick some ass over there.

I went to bed really early last night, had planned to go and watch James Earl Jones but I called Helen at the last minute and told her I was incoherent. I hate it when that happens, being incoherent. me and Chris N went to Brough Late night which was quite interesting. I quite enjoyed it because I hadn't gotten the chance to go to it before.

Well should post this and start getting ready to head over to brough for an early lunch. I'll stay in Bell until 2.30 today so I can go to Process Control class and hopefully be able to understand what Jose tried to teach me last semester. In Australia, all professors are named by their first names, so Jose's not my good ol buddy you see. I'll write Jose today as well and get these Eudora folders synchronised on each of the computers that is after I get the mail off of them, and it will be cool. Then I'll send Jose a message to tell him I am in fact alive and working on Process Control and Instrumentation. I had to take an incomplete in the class so I need to finish it.

Ok I'm finished, time to get food.

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