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Sleepy Sundays, park time again, and Morristown Green

I'd forgotten how "lazy" Sundays here at The Seeing Eye are. We got to "sleep in" until 6:30, at which time they bring the feed to us, and then we take the puppies out to park. Then everything, our schedules like lunch and breakfast etc., is delayed an hour. Unless there are other circumstances, we don't have to go on any trips besides trips downstairs to park our dogs.

A quick note on parking. I don't know why they call it that exactly. I've heard that you could spell it parc (p a r c) and intert it to get the reason for its being called that, but I don't know. All I know is that the "park area" here is most definitely not parklike at all. It's a big concrete area full of smells and ... um ... yeah smells, to convince the dogs it's ok to go on concrete. I think one other reason why they have us park our dogs on concrete is so that they can get used to going to the bathroom on concrete in case there's no grass available.

Last night's big accomplishment if you can call it that is that the instructors don't pick up our dog's "parktime products" anymore. This isn't a huge deal for me, because I've had lots of practice picking up poop with plastic bags, but it can be kind of traumatic for the new guys. It definitely made me squeamish the first time I did it with Fiona.

So I really didn't do anything today but play with and hang with Velvet all day and sleep. I feel like a Grandpa these days as I've been getting up really early and going to bed around 8 or a bit after. I doubt my schedule will recover ... mentally I doubt it will ... but I know from experience that slowly, it will moderate if the dog lets you that is. If you, like myself, have a dog that likes to wash your face early in the mornings, plan on throwing away all of your alarm clocks, because your dog will--like clockwork--arouse you with kisses and an urgently wagging tail. If this alarm clock fails you, you could have ... um ... problems. This morning didn't greet me with a face washing, but I did sleep until 5:34, which is better than I usually do (I usually wake up at 5:00 on normal days, giving me enough time to get dressed before we have to run downstairs).

We had an opportunity to go to church today, but I chose not to go since I didn't want to leave my dog by herself. Next week, they'll let us go with our dogs to church, and I may do that--I haven't decided.

Tomorrow, we'll be starting a new route, something they call the Elm Street Route. Let's just hope there won't be too many nightmares along the way. As far as I can remember it, the route isn't too onerous for us humans, but is challenging for the pups. We shall see tomorrow.

I've continued having fun talking to the kitchen staff and my table mates in Spanish. I'm starting to get more of it back. What a deal! I'll get a new dog, and have a chance to brush up on my Spanish at meal times. Love it!

I got a message from the Pres of teh Seeing Eye. He was very appreciative of me reporting the problems with the intercom. He said that the new interface box probably wasn't shielded as good as it should have been byt he maker, and that he'd call them and get them out here to shield it as to not have this problem again. There's one thing about the Seeing Eye that I really enjoy, and it is that they really listen to their graduates. I love the fact that they listen to our suggestions and complaints. It's us that they serve, and in my humble opinion, they do a great job, and this is a good example of such. I'm sure that the system will eventually get fixed, even if I'm not here when it's operational. Though I was embarrassed, it was good to know that they still listen to the students.

Lunch today was pork medallions with pear sauce, and dinner was a hot pastrami sandwich. Both were extremely tasty, as usual.

, time for me to hit the sack so I can be ready to feed and water my puppy. I also have to be somewhat awake so I can do the other part of my morning ritual, talking with a couple of the guys in the lounge while sipping on a hot chocolate. More soon.

An oh ... last but not least. A big welcome to those at The Morristown Green who has picked up my "blog" for publication during my stay at the Seeing Eye. I don't know if this is a good thing--I can be a boring writer--but it's an honor to bring this experience to a wider audience in the greater Morristown, NJ area. This is still my journal, and I'm still writing this stuff down to keep everyone abreast of what's going on here (family, friends, and others), but it's also here to help me remember the experience. Nothing will change as to how I write this, it just might be read by more people than usual. Again ... welcome.

More soon.
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