Ner (djner) wrote,

Rain, Rain, and more Rain, the

I remember once when I was going between classes, and once when I traveled from class. Both of those times it was raining, and both of those times I dripped, but today, Velvet and I dripped. I probably could have drank the water that slid lazily off of my nose. I don't like to use the hood on my rainjacket because I depend on my ears to navigate and listen to traffic, so it generally collects on my head when it rains a lot and finds the path of least resistance and helpful gravity, down my nose and face.

I went on second trip, which was great since I got to take a nap. When we went out it was just sprinkling. When we got where we needed to be, it was still sprinkling. As I waited for the person in my group before me to go, it ceased to sprinkle and started to pour. Needless to say, by the time Velvet and I got back to the van after our trip, we were both absolutely soaked.

We did mostly practicing street crossing to try to convince Velvet to take initiative and go into the street when I tell her to go. It's hard to do this, especially when I'm trying to trust her that she's not hesitating for traffic issues by the method of intelligent disobedience. She did very well, and we're definitely progressing. We've got some ideas on how we might help her, and me for that matter, and so we might work on some things, especially when we go to New York City tomorrow.

Because it was raining, we did our street work for a short distance and then did inside work in the courthouse--stairs up and down, elevators, and metal detectors. She's a very cautious dog, and she didn't miss a down staircase or an up one. She also did perfectly in navigation in and around small groups of people.

Overall, the trip went well ... I just wish she would pick a spot to pee and just freaking pee, especially in the rain. When we got back, we stood out there waiting for some pee action. She squatted four times, but ... nothing.

I hope I get some new extra towels, because I had to use both of them to get us both acceptably dry. I still look like a drowned rat, but before, I think I looked more like a drowned hippo, and hippos are hard to look drowned. It's probably a bad analogy, but I think a picture, no matter how badly composed has been painted.

This afternoon we'll work, thank goodness, in the mall, so no outdoor work this afternoon. Back this evening.
Tags: the seeing eye

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