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Home at last, a job! and Velvet adjusting

Well, I'm home. I haven't had energy to write today because I'm so tired I can hardly think. My legs are tired, and my body generally aches from the side effects of training at The Seeing Eye.

This is not necessarily a good thing, especially since at 6:50 this morning (yes, I got up at 5:30 central for park time even though I didn't have to), the DLA called me and gave me a tentative job offer. Basically, this means that I have to get my security clearance organized, and then once that's done, we can start negotiating salary time to start etc. I'm excited, but the whole thing still ahsn't sunk in really, probably because I'm still recovering from class.

The flight went really well--better than I expected actually. Dogs who haven't flown before many times stand up or get restless when you take off or land but Velvet practically slept through most of the takeoff and all of the landing. We got to Little Rock late (an hour late) so that was slightly annoying.

Velvet seems to be doing well. When we got here last night about 11:30 pm central, she was very excited and tugged on her leash, desperate to sniff through and over all of the nooks and crannies throughout the house. She met Fiona and Zim (our little dog) and they seem to be getting along just fine. We keep the dog on leash for about two weeks from the time they first go home. It's definitely a period where the dog will test his or her owner, so when that happens, it's best that they be on leash so that you can bust them when it happens. Velvet's feet have already graced our counters and my Mom's and Dad's pants legs, but she was busted sufficiently fast enough so that maybe she won't do it too often. After that two weeks, it's anybody's guess how she'll act, but the leash time gives an opportunity for us owners to lay down the law.

Velvet met Gabbie, the family cat, and as one of the instructors suggested, she's currently hanging out, voluntarily, in the garage. Velvet was really excited and tried to play with Gabbie when she was inside, so she's still a bit freaked out.

I haven't touched my harness since I got here, so I still don't know how Fiona will react to someone else wearing a harness, but I suspect it will go fine. something that especially struck me was how different Velvet feels than Fiona does. You'd think that I wouldn't forget how Fiona feels--coarse but thickfur on her back, but goldenish hair everywhere else--but since I've been petting Velvet a lot over the three weeks, I've become accustomed to feeling her short hair. Fiona also gained some week over the years that I had her caused partially by my fault and partially out of my control, so that was striking as well. I'm going to try to keep Velvet's weight relatively constant, and we're going to try to drop Fiona's weight a bit so that maybe we can buy a few extra months of life for her. She's still very healthy though, so we'll see. I stilldread losing her and wonder why dogs can't just live forever.

My Mom moved Fiona's bed into the dining room, but when I told her that I thought that Fiona would like being in her usual spot with her bed in the corner in my room. I don't know how long it'll be that way, but the two dogs seemed to coexist well last night, so we'll have to see for tonight.

I have to write about the past two days of class. There is stuff to write about, but for now, I lack energy.

I don't want to play down this job offer. I've been working so long with my education, and this will be my first job, but I'm almost too tired to be extremely excited. I know for one thing, I'm too tired to keep filling out this form. It's eight pages, and requires me to, in my sleep deprived state, remember all of the places I've lived in the past seven years and remember and/or compile addresses and numbers of people I knew at those places. I need to talk to the security guy in Richmond tomorrow about what exactly I need to be writing downn (in other words, can I get out of this stuff). Unfortunately, with 9/11 getting security clearances of any type (I require a noncritical sensitive clearance) is difficult. At least I'm not getting a top secret clearance. Thouse things take aeons to get.

Our continuing challenge will be to find places to work Velvet. I can't walk safely (I don't think) on the road near our house, so will have to figure out alternate places. I'm going to go to my Mom's school tomorrow to show her off and also work her a bit in town. We also have to get my fingerprints done, sow e'll do that in town.

Well, that's all I have the energy to write about. I'm thankful that I've now got a job, and that Velvet seems to be, at least now, socially adjusting to being here at the house. We'll see how her work is tomorrow, and we'll also see, in my next entry, what I did the last two days in class. More soon.
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