Ner (djner) wrote,

Graduate school flashing by my eyes, Velvets new technology

My life flashed before my figurative eyes when the director of the chemical engineering graduate school and my advisor called me today.

"Noel, are you sure you have enough classes to graduate with your masters?"

Here I was, job in hand, and I didn't have the required classes? What am I going to do? At least the job doesn't require a masters but still.

Turns out I was co-enrolled at the end of my bachellors degree. I filled out the paperwork to get it processed as my masters degree and the graduate school lost the forms. Luckily, copies of the forms were made and so we'll wave it in their faces and make them make the changes so that I can get my degree. All that counts is that I got the letter from the department head confirming my GPA and MSCHE status. That will ticket me with some meager leverage to increase my pay scale. I feel like I deserve more than I am probably going to get, but it is a start, and as I stay there, my salary willl mushroom appreciably.

Got the today, and all of the TV claims are correct. I never gbet much hair from Velvet with the grooming implements we got at The Seeing Eye, but with the Furminator, I had a ball of fur with a packed diameter of about two inches when I was done. It just kept coming off and coming off in really fine little clumps. The way it works is that it catches the undercoat in it's fine little--bladelets???? (I can't think of any other word for it), and you just take the fur from the tines and go through the coat again.

Also got a Kong Xtreme for Velvet since she tries to kill everything that she gets as far as toys, and she's putting it to its test right now. Wiat a funny puppy. She makes all kinds of noises when she chews that thing. I just hope she's not able to get any chunks from this undestructible one. She's very posessive with it, and won't let Zim get her toy which is good. Fiona lets the little dog dominate. There's definitely a pack order that's forming with Velvet being off leash.

That's all I've got now. I'm glad things are coming together. Now if I can just convince them to help with moving expenses, things will be golden and I'll be in my happy place. More soon.
Tags: job, velvet

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