Ner (djner) wrote,

job things, Fiona's missing tooth, and the weekly summary

We took Fiona to the vet yesterday to get her heartworm medicine and have her yearly vaccines. The vet told me that she needed to have her teeth cleaned, so she went in to have them done. Seems that one of her premolars was cracked, so it got pulled. Poor Fiona is very groggy, tripped up on morphine and laying in my bedroom. I have no idea how the tooth got cracked, but the vet thought it was a good idea to have it removed, so I'm glad we had it done.

I got word from DLA about my job. Seems that the step increase that I requested because of my masters degree and extre experience was disapproved. What does that mean? Well, I come in on the lowest step possible. Though there's room for promotion, I jump two grades per year, it was still kind of sad that I wasn't able to come in with the added value of having my masters. I thought about writing a "what am I really worth" or "what worth can I put on myyself" essay but then decided against it. I know that I learned a lot while getting my masters. I also know that this is a good starting job, I hope, and that Holly and I will manage with the starting salary I'll be making. A job making some money is better than doing nothing, which is what I've been doing for a while. It's a job thab that I know I will be able to do and do well, so I decided to officially try to throw my money hungry side away and take the job so that Holly and I can move forward with our lives. Thinking positive is the only way to do it I think.

My voice continues to be MIA, sI I went to the doctor today. Got some antibiotics and cough syrup, and so I'm hoping that I'll feel better soon.

haven't been able to work with Velvet much lately because my Mom has been moving to a new classroom, and my Dad has been busy working and cleaning up the yart which, with our recent rains, seems to grow in feet per week rather than some more sane unit of measure.

We're still planning to take a trip to Richmond to check things out. Still need to firm up the details of our trip.

Well, that's all I have the energy to write about. More soon.

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