Ner (djner) wrote,

Virginia finally, and my first couple of days

I've been so busy with moving etc. that I haven't written since finally finding out that I'd be moving to Virginia. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to read about my apartment hunting and subsequent move. I can distill it all down to "moving sucks" and continue onward. Suffice it to say, I've found an expensive but nice apartment (what's not at least marginally expensive in the Richmond area), and I am officiially employed by the Federal government.

My Mom took me here to VA and had to leave two days after getting here because of a training thing she had to do. It was surprising how hard it was when she left, not because I was not going to be with my Mom anymore, but because with this move, it was a permant thing. I'll go home, but I don't know when that next time will be. I still miss things at home, but as I've started working, I've become a bit less homesick. When Holly and her brother leave on Saturday, it's probably going to get harder again. I've dealt with harder things in life though, and I'm sure I can handle it. Being alone will truly suck, and I'm looking forward to the day soon when I'll have a lifelong companion in Holly to be with.

Yesterday and today have epitomized the fact that days like that allow you to learn lots, but also are very sucky, especially when you get lost as much as I've done. Holly was with me yesterday to help me fill out forms, try to orient me to the rat maze that is the building that I work in, and just generally be supportive. Today, she just dropped me off, so it was all me, and boy did I pass the getting lost test with flying clors. Each building here has been converted from being a huge long warehouse to an office building. All they did was pretty much take the 1000 foot warehouses, put carpeting, air condition, system furniture, and some permant walls and rooms in, and voilla, an office building. Each building is divided into bays for organizational and sanity purposes, and each bay is divided up into an insane grid of squares, which is then divided up with four desks in each square. What makes this setup hard is that as you travel down the building's length, it's hard to tell where to turn to get to your particular row of cubicles, and then finally find your cubicle, so I spent lots of time today telling people where my cubicle was (building number, bay, and cubicle number), and they'd direct me. I felt like a lost child sometimes. People that have been working there for twenty years or more say that they still get lost. I just find it amazing that I can walk (and I've never done this yet) through the whole building from end to end, from the most part, going inside. My building, building 33 is geek grand central for DSCR (Defense supply Center Richmond) (we have IT, engineering, and other departments I haven't discovered yet), and it's also got the cafeteria and fitness center in it, so it's actually pretty neat to be in a relatively central location. If I can map the building in my mibnd, I should start to get an idea of where I am in space and in the cube grid, but that will take time. At least there's a grid of cubes now, apparently in the past, there was an 1000 foot building with row upon row of desks.

Velvet has been turning heads and continues to amaze me and otherse. Because I have no idea where I'm going, she gets confused along with me. It's useful for the dog if I can give her firm commands, but if I have no idea where I'm going, I generally don't do too well with that. I'm hoping that the Seeing Eye will come down to do a follow up with me at some point soon, so that maybe I can try to orient myself and Velvet to the building's insides and the surroundings of the base. I think we'll do OK, but the school's followup services would be greatly appreciated right about now. I'm just thankful that they exist, and that they are so willing to come down to help out.

I can't do any work at all until I get security access to the system, and then after that, get an access card which is both your id and has a computer chip in it that allows you to access the computers. Without that card, there's no way to get any work done. I'm also waiting for JAWS and Kurzweil to come, and then I'll have to wait to get the IT people to install it all. So I went to the new employee orientation class today, and I'll be attending it for a short time. It's informative but boring at times, but it's better than sitting and doing nothing.

Before I go, and I need to go soon so I can get to bed and get up tomorrow for my first ride with the van service that the county provides (Holly took me in and back today and yesterday), I had a funny experience in my inprocessing to become a federal employee. At the end of filling in all of the forms etc., you have to be sworn in. I went through the process with about seven or so other new employees, and when we got to the swearing in part, they told us to read aloud the swearing in session. It wasn't until Saturday that I got my cable turned on, so I didn't have time to fill out the forms or put them on my Pac Mate. So though I paid complete attention to what was said, I so just moved my lips like an idiot to it all. They said they't just trust me that I'd defend the Constitution etc.

I'm ceasing to make sense, so I'm going to post this and get to bed. 5:30 or 6:00 will come very soon. I think, I hope, that as I get into a routine of work, that I won't be as tired as I have been when I get home so that I can write more again soon.

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