Ner (djner) wrote,

The maze becomes clearer

Well it's now been seven full days that I've worked for the Federal government. I still haven't gotten a computer or software to use the computer, but that has finally been ordered today, so perhaps I'll actually be able to do more than read books and meet people soon. I've been tasked to do some time studies on processes that they use in the office, so I've been filling my time keeping and recording it, all while wasting time watching people do their work. Actually it's been pretty educational, at least on the little I've been able to accomplish, and I can't wait to get my hands on a working computer so that I can input something into the system. The people here are very nice, and I'm learning from everyone, especially in the department of keeping a positive outlook in the workplace. Someone tole me that "this is the best place in the world to work" and that made me glad I accepted the job and moved all the way across the country to take it.

Today's major highlight at work was getting my CAC (Common Access Card) ID Card. It basically is your passport to the federal and military world at the Department of Defense and allows you to not only get onto the center (and any other military installation) but also allows you to get into your computer. It has your picture, finger prints, demographic and personal data, encryption data, and other info stored on its computer chip. Lose it, and it's apparently an act of Congress to get it back. It's going to stay in it's little holder when I'm home, and I'm going to try really hard not to lose it because when a Federal employee tells you that it's going to be an act of Congress if you lose it (I've heard this twice), it probably will be. Plus, losing it means that you probably won't be able to do your work or get to work for that matter. It's a rite of passage for any new employee, and though it didn't involve initiation or strange rituals, it was still neat to give up my visitors badge and become a real employee.

The Seeing Eye rep came today for my followup visit to Richmond. We walked from the front door to my desk several times and it's all become more clear as to how the building is layed out. There are multiple ways to get from the front door to my cubicle, and Velvet likes to cut through the middle of the building sometimes to get me to the door, but Dave and I are working on getting her to pick one way and stick with it. That's why we've been doing it over and over again, and why she's dead tired tonight. Her taking different and less obvious routes to places within the building but still arriving at the correct destination reminds me of the circuitous routes my GPS tells me to go when I'm trying to play navigator to Holly when she's driving.

Tomorrow we're going to work on some work here near the complex--walking to Food Lion, and the shopping center that has several other places in it--and then we'll go to the center and work there for a while.

It's maddeningly quiet here now. Holly and her brother left on Sunday afternoon, and now I'm having to do the lonely bachellor thing. She's planning on coming with her family to go to Washington D.C. for the day on Saturday, and it will be really good to see her. It's amazing how much you miss a person when they've been with you--uninterrupted--for a couple of weeks, and then--loneliness. I'm managing though. I'm not sure I'm eating as healthy as if I had Holly here to keep me eating more vegetables and healthy foods--I ate Hamburger Helper today--but I try to hit all fouor food groups with every meal, and that's a start. I shudder to think that I've probably got four meals of Hamburger Helper left. So who can guess what I'll have for lunch tomorrow?

Well, I guess I should get to sleep before I have to get out and travel in the concrete jungle of bureaucracy and hazardous material logistics. More soon, and sorry to have not answered comments until after I post this entry. When I get to actually do my job, perhaps my entries will become more interesting. Perhaps they'll just get deathly boring depending on how mind numbing my job is. Time shall tell.

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