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two constants, the good and the bad news, tech, what's been going on, and positively elemental

There are two constants, at least two that I can think of now, that, like the setting and the rising of the sun, prevail always; today I got to experience both. First, government plods along slowly, deliberately, cautiously, bureaucratically, and in most cases, forward. Secondly, Wednesdays are and hopefully will always be fried chicken day at the DSCR "Center restaurant" i.e. the cafeteria. I've been working with DLA now about 13 days, and just got word that all of my adaptive technology has now arrived and I will, god willing and red tape notwithstanding, have computer and network access. IN my job, it is necessary to have network access because all that you do is done on the computer, a military computer. So while waiting, I've pretty much finished a phone list for our devision chief, made lots of friends and got to know others around the workplace, ane read five maybe six formidable books. Currently, I'm finishing the third Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer, and though the series isn't something I'd normally read, it's sure peaked my interest and made my netless days slither by more quickly. It will be a welcome surprise to start my training. They say that I'll wish to remember these days of doing nothing but reading, and I will, but I've been doing nothing much of importance in the last six or mor months when it comes to being productive, and I'm looking forward to becoming a productive member of the American workforce. I was slightly worried when Cathy, the EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity Office) came down, I assumed to tell me about the technology. "Well, I have some good news and some bad news. What would you like to hear first?" I asked for the bad news first. She told me that it would be four more weeks until I got my technology. All I could think was a series of thoughts--darn ... well, I guess I can read more books ... oh well. So straight faced, I said "OK, so what's the good news", and then she relented and said that it was all here and that she wanted to mess with me. I guess I've played too much poker in my day to give Cathy and the two other bystanders who are also my friends from near her office the thrill of watching me peel myself off of the ceiling with rage. It was still funny though, and I'm getting tech, so it's all excciting.

I continue to take the van service to and from work, and besides the few times that I have to wait for the van in the heat, it's been an enjoyable experience.

I've met some really nice people at work, and they will probably make the working day much more barable. They alerted me about fried chicken day today in fact, because they knew that fried chicken was my favorite. Because I don't do it often--eat fried chicken that is--I dashed down there and got it to take back to my desk. The chicken was pretty good--expensive but good--and I'll have to do it again sometime soon.

My writing is extremely disjointed right now so I'll close soon, but the person who shares the cube with me to my left has a periodic table hanging up on his bulletin board. WThere's so many chemists and chemical engineers that work there, that we find humor in odd ways. So it's with this little tidbit that I close my entry. My cube number when equated to an atomic number on the periodic table equates to elemental symbol PT, platinum. My cubemate's element is platinum, and the guy across the way in our setup is herbium. I think that if I have more spare time in the coming tdays, I'll include elements with everyone's cube number--just because I can :P!

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