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workday musings of apple, bone conduction, and other things from hot Central Virginia

They say it's hot. Check, definitely hot. They say it's 99, check, probably 99. They say it feels like 101 F, buzzer. The complicated mathematical formula used to calculate how hot it feels based on humidity and temperature lies today though I'll give NOAA props, it does feel a shade, get it--shade, cooler than it did when the heat index was 113.

So I've finished all I can do with work, Julian is laying downstairs watching a movie, and as I wait for more work to miraculously appear, i thought I'd write. I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy writing, and wish I had continued over the years. Time, being the enemy of all things, continues and continued to move forward, and I was just too busy to write. This was probably a valid excuse on many an occasion, but I probably could have written something at least once a month.

I got some new fangled bone conducting headphones as were recommended by Chris @iamchrisn on Twitter (he has an LJ account but doesn't use it anymore). What an interesting idea, and I'm amazed to say that for my purposes, bone conduction headphones really will work. Bone conduction works by the means of transducers which in essence vibrate, thus producing sound nuch like normal headphones. The speakers are placed right in front of the ear and on the cheekbones. the vibrations seem to be more intense than the garden variety headphone speaker, but this is required because these vibrations travel through your cranial bones, bypassing the ear drum, and directly into your inner ear. When I use the phones, my ears don't have to be covered, and I can travel in safety, using GPS or reading a book, and be able to hear what's going on around me. I was a bit concerned that my dense bone condition would hinder bone conduction, but I think it may actually help it (it most certainly doesn't hurt it). I can hear what I'm listening to clearly, and the odd thing is that the sound appears to be going directly into the center of my head because if I plug my ears or wear earbuds, I can still hear the music--it may even sound louder with my ears plugged. They have to be charged, but that's an easy chore and doesn't have to happen very often. They haven't died on me yet.

I continue to eagerly await the release of IOS 6.0 and the iPhone 5 in whatever form it projects itself. I could and probably should become a developer (it only costs $99 per year), but I guess I'm content to be patient about what will be to come as far as features or improvements. There are people throughout the blogosphere who obtain Apple Dev accounts for the purpose of testing betas, and they sign the nondisclosure agreement. From what I understand, they aren't to talk publicly about their testing, or the improvements or shortcomings of the betas because they are just that, betas. They are in the beginnings of development. Apple holds its private beta testers to a high standard of secrecy, mostly I think, because they want to make sure that the pollished end-product reaches the market, not the whoopses and uh-ohs which are paramount to the growing pains of the beta software. In recent days, I have seen more details gleened from users obtaining dev accounts from this manner or another on blogs, and I really think it should stop. though informative, things which you complain about or talk about may totally change upon final release. Some would find it interesting or exciting to be the first blog to report accessibility enhancements of the new OS, but I think that this first could have been by design as others faithfully follow the NDA. If I had access to 6.0 beta 2, I can guarantee that I'd not be saying anything about features for fear of having my dev account revoked and therefore my ability to create IOS programs distributable to the app store nulled. I'll stop now, and even though some would think I've drunk the Apple Cool-aid and agree with everything the company does, I do agree with restrictions placed on beta testers, and wish others would follow the rules.

I didn't do too much in the way of Fourth of July celebrations yesterday, but did do a hech of a lot of shopping yesterday on my day off. We got some steaks from Target which were on sale because we just got groceries in our Traget, so I'm grilling them tonight when it gets less insindiary outside. Which reminds me, I need to go downstairs provided my work box remains barren and marinate and/or season. Holly wanted sirloin, and I got ribeye. Julian will eat whatever, especially when catsup or salsa is involved, and all will be happy at the Romey house tonight. We had a few rogue fireworks in our neighborhood, but most people respected the ban on fireworks in the county, and layed off. I watched the Capitol Fourth from the cool safety and security of my couch, and didn't wish too hard we'd made the trip to DC to attend.

And with that, as I wait for my LJ book to generate, I'll sign. I remember generating a pdf of my journal before, but can't find it right now. I'd like to put it on dropbox so that I don't lose what I've written should something happen to LJ. Thank goodness I have AC in this office, it hasn't turned off yet this afternoon. Guess I"m going to continue to enjoy it and be grateful that I have it.

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