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Mind blowing.

Lots of things are mind blowing this afternoon. Let me expound.

  • Higgs-Boson Particles

  • Why I am at least partially coherent this afternoon upon waking up at 4:30 A.M. after not getting much sleep.

  • The state of my work inbox and the easy day I've had today

  • The size of this journal if printed in a book. With comments and table of contents, it would, in a standard hardcover book size be approximately 1400 pages. I know I have had the potential to be wordy at times, but wow, did I along with my readers write approximately 630000 words? Probably considering my average entry size is over 500 words.

So I woke up this morning to Velvet throwing up. I needed to start the dryer anyway, so I decided to forget it and get up early. I'm paying for it now, and am trying to employ the strategy of writing to stay awake since I'm finding stimulating things to do here at work somewhat of a rarity. I think it was really something that Velvet ate in the yard, but the golden sounds of a dog barfing is never a good thing to wake up too that earlyin the morning.

It continues to be hot. At about 7:15 when I got to work, it was 84, and the cicadas were active at 5:45 this morning. This kind of thing is supposed to happen in Arizona, not in Virginia. It feels like a tropical beach outside with none of the benefits and definitely no drinks with little umbrellas in them.

The steaks turned out good. I used three different rus on the different steaks, and liked the ones that I put on my steaks. Holly seemed to like her sirloins, so it was definitely worth the evil hot temps with accompanying sweat for the tastiness I enjoyed last night and for lunch today.

I've been doing a lot of reading various news stories and "explanations" of the quantum particle physics entity called the Higgs-Boson particle. I've read several explanations and looked at the press release from Cerne, and I'm so confused I had to take a break and walk around the cube farm and take a break. Apparently, HB particles are supposedly what cause mass in particles and they compose all matter. So if they compose all matter and provide the stuff to create mass in particles, what's the point of other particles? Once you get to that level, you acuse me to want to crawl into a cave and die. I'm much more comfortable with things at larger scales, mainly because I think that it's much more easy to visualize those situations. It's really odd to me that really really large things suffer from some of the same issues with visualization as the small quantum things. Envision a black hole which is extraordinarily massive yet very smll in area. I have similar issues with astronomical relativity and huge distances as I have with Quantum physics and chemistry--not as many mind you but still, it does give my brain a healthy workout to think of such things.

Finally, I was looking back at previous entries in my pdf journal copy and was amazed how, in the past, I had people actually reading this thing and commenting on my entries. I have a feeling that the use of livejournal is most definitely decreasing for more popular Wordpress or blogger-like solutions. I never wrote exclusively to an audience, but now that I'm writing, I wonder if anyone has picked this tome back up? I post this to Facebook and Twitter and have heard from others, but wonder what detriment happens to one's social network if a blog or journal hasn't been written in for four years.

I came into the office today, but sure dread waiting for the van in this heat. A couple of weeks ago, I had to wait from 4:00 which is my normal pickup time until 5:30. At that point it was close to 100, but now we're dealing with a heat index, so I hope I get picked up relatively quickly this afternoon. If I could wait inside, all of my problems would be solved, but that's not possible since the entrance to the building is not in clear line of sight with the place where teh van comes to get me. Luckily there's a bench to sit on and that I have a book to read.

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