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Entry on Smartphone rambling and other assundry things

In the grand scheme of things, today was humdrum. I worked, played some audio games on my hone, and ... that's about it really. Why write you say? Because I'm trying to get in the habit of writing by gosh so there.

In the dead times in my work day, I've been playing various games on my phone. The games themselves aren't important so I won't bore myself and others by writing about them, but I'm amazed at the computing power of even my IPHONE 4 to allow for audio processing with enough resolution as to make playing an audio game doable. I know, I know, video processing is important, and stunning graphics are the norm, but I think that the ever-increasing processor power of most smartphones will open up the world to new types and modes of gaming, and playing games by talking to or listening to your phone will hopefully continue to burgeon. I think that phone access for blind people will continue to improve, and I think that we'll ultimately have more choice in the phone we use. I will not switch to an Android phone personally, but it's neat that the accessibility changes Google is making will allow blind people to have more choice in the matter. Apple's probably going to hold the edge in the blind marketplace however as they've been a more accessible option for a while longer than Google's usable iterations. We shall see.

Holly and her Mom took John to EFY and have safely returned via a pretty big storm they crossed somewhere in Southwest Virginia. They just canceled the Severe Thunderstorm Watch for us, and though I hope it will happen, I don't have much hope that we'll get much rain. Who knows, rain chances should continue throughout the week, so though the severe threat may not be there, I'll keep my rain hopes high.

I have EEO training tomorrow which I've already attended. It's required to attend however as they're forming a new Special Emphasis Program's committee at work, and I'm on it. I'll be there to cover the disability angle of things, and hope myself and my friend James can fill in the gaps as far as advisement about disability issues. We need to understand the whole picture of diversity and how we can hire others of diverse backgrounds and help them as they work, and that's why we have to take the training. I'm hoping I will be able to stay awake. Training lasts tomorrow and Wednesday all day and Thursday for half a day. I think I'm taking half a day off on Thursday so we can go swimming. Again, we shall see.

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