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My dog got kicked off of the public pool deck, details.

I went out this morning and it was damp outside so I wondered if it rained. When it thundered later and poured, I knew it was not a fluke. Been playing cribbage on the iPhone and really appreciate that I may be able to play online with others. No one knows cribbage around here, so that's really cool!

I've been doing lots of working and a bit of play though that was wrought with excitement a bit too. My mother-in-law has continued to be here and definitely helps out.

I finished my EEO training on Thursday and promptly used it that afternoon. We decided to go to the pool on base after I finished the training at midday. We ended up getting there later than we'd liked because I needed to get my ID redone and that takes forever sometimes with the security that's required sometimes. Let me first say, we've been to the pool several times, and all of those times without problems. When we got there and checked in, the person manning the pool told me that I would have to leave Velvet outside the pool fence. I didn't think too much about it because, like I said, I'd been there before and tied her to the fence on the very edge of the deck. We all got ready to go in and I tied my dog to the fence like I've done before, and the pool manager approached me again and told me that I had to move my dog or leave the pool area myself. She said it was a military regulation and a health code violation to have an animal of any type on the pool deck. I believed this to be incorrect ant I told her that. We went back and forth, me getting more angry and her remaining steadfast, and after a time, I decided to follow her rule, remove my dog, and follow EEO processes to educate them and produce positive change. I didn't plan to have Velvet in the water--she's terrified of getting in pools--I just wanted to have easy access to her. I ended up having to put her across the pool from where we were on the other side of the fence.

Upon later research, we found that if they have such a rule, it is in essence, illegal. Check this out from the Delta Foundation.

Concern and confusion can result when state laws and public health codes conflict with the ADA’s public access provisions for people with disabilities who
are accompanied by service animals. Some state/local laws provide only for access of guide dogs; some public health codes prohibit all animals from certain
areas, like swimming pools or restaurants. In the cases where the state or local laws and public health codes do not agree with federal law, the law which
is less restrictive for the person with the disability is the law that will take priority. If, for example, a state law allowed only “guide dogs in harness”
in restaurants, the ADA would take priority and all service animals must be admitted (as described above) regardless of their type of work.
Legally, a
service animal cannot be required to wear equipment or special identifying “uniform.”
referenced faq is here.

So I've contacted our disability program manager, and we're working on it, but it could take some time. Hopefully they (the people who manage the pool and its contract)will see reason, and it won't take too long to resolve, but it could take a while. It seems like we need to make people frm the bottom to the top know amor about guide dog etiquette as even the pool manager's contracting officer denied me.

I'm much less angry about it now , but man I was mad. There haven't been too many occasions when I haven't been able to go into a public place with a guide dog, but ion most cases, it's been because of either a person's being from another country, or because they're not educated. I never thought this could happen on a government installation, but there's a first for everything I guess.

On another note, we grilled salmon last night, and it was really tasty. I've never really tasted Caribbean jerk much, so this was a completely new thing for mme, but it wasn't too spicy and I enjoyed it.

Holly's brother John arrived back from EFY with hi sister, so they will all head back tomorrow.

So ends another long entry. What can I say, I have lots of fun and excitement in my life, either that or I'm just wordy.

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