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Manmade, natural, and more manmade pools, waterfalls, and geysers

I woke up this morning before my alarm, and decided to start work at 6 so I could get off at 2:30 this afternoon. The consequence of this was that I was really tired when I got done and took a short nap. I'm ok now, but I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'll probably go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I heard from EEO today and she emailed the people who run the pool. The top person, not the contracting officer, and she agreed that I probably should have been able to have Velvet near the pool. The MWR headperson plans to talk to the contracting officer tomorrow and we'll see what happens. The writing is on the wall really--it's only a matter of time--but I need to hear the official word that I'm allowed to bring Velvet onto the pool deck.

Yesterday was more exciting than I really wanted it to be. I woke up early and heard some water running. Now granted, we had Holly's family here, but I didn't think they were up taking showers or watering plants before 7:00 A.M. We checked outside and the water wasn't on, so I set my father-in-law on the case, and we decided to leave for church. The vast majority of the water noise was near the washing machine, so when no running water was in evidence, he looked under the house, and found the problem. A simple cut into the insullation surrounding the pipe caused the main water pipe going into the house to completely fail (it was 90% failed when I heard it), and we had a mini geyser in the middle of the yard. So when I got several text messages from my mother-in-law wondering where the emergency shutoff valve was on the hosue, I figured it was time to hang it up and head home posthaste. We thought we'd turned off the water to our house, but the geyser continued with Biblical proportions--apt for the Sabbath. In essence, we'd turned off our neighbor's water (embarrassing). Turns out that the landscaping work covered up our meter, so we unearthed it and turned it off. By that time, I'd called an emergency plumber, but we determined that what had really happened was that, over time, the fitting coming into the pipe to the house strained, and that was what failed.

the plumber came, went to Home Depot, and two hours later, came back with the wrong part. He left again, got the right part, and came back. A few minutes later, he had it fixed. Time is money, especially on a Sunday, and I was irritated that I essentially paid for the service of tracking down a part. I'm not saying that I could have done it any better, but I wished I was a plumber at that point as much as I paid for the service. If I had it to do all over again, we would have just gotten the part ourselves. I have to give him credit though, he did find the part, and he did fix it, but I wouldn't want to have that experience again any time soon. I was able to get him to decrease labor hours because I didn't really think it was fair that I pay for time when he got the wrong part, so I was happy with that. I hate te use the maxime "the customer is always right", but in this case, I really thought that this fit the bill quite well.

We got several tropical thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening. I'm not sure what the status of it is today, but our mostly dirt backyard, already saturated by the flood induced by the broken pipe, was a mud pit. Too bad we don't have any grass there yet, because it, and any stray ducks, frogs, or worms would have been very happy.

I contacted the water company today, and first thing on my agneda tomorrow will be writing the "leak letter" that will adjust any extra water usage due to the incident yesterday. Should, as all days have been lately, be exciting.

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