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I've got the vpn pretty much dialed in now, and don't get as many drop-outs and slow-downs as I got when I didn't have much of a clue and/or the network wasn't behaving properly. This is a good thing because I'm having some true fun playing around and listening to cool stuff around the world.

I cleared all of my work today, again, which is good in some ways because I've finished everything, but bad because I haven't figured out what I'll do tomorrow. I"m sure I'll get some work, but it could take some time. Lots to listen to olympicish, so I'm sure I'll figure out something to do should it take a while for work to appear.

Holly et al went to DC today and they apparently had a tough time. I don't know all the details, but they apparently did not time to do all of what they planned to do which was go to museums i.e. Smithsonian etc.

<lj-cut text="Scalzi Book Talk (What I'm reading lately)> I've been reading John Scalzi books lately. I've been meanng to read Scalzi, mostly because Wil Wheaton reads many of his audiobooks and I loved his reading of <u>Ready Player One</u>. I'm really enjoying them. Lots of crazy humor akin to some of my favorite authors--Terry Pratchett ec. With Scalzi, the concentration is more dealing with crazy space people and situations whereas Terry Pratchett seems to deal with overall craziness and mayhem with lots of humor mixed in. His (Scalzi's) books are shorter, but I don't mind. He seems to be teaching me the valuable lesson that longer is not necessarily better. Though I like maximizing my Audible subscription by buying long books for credits, I may buy more shorter books, and I definitely plan to flesh out my John Scalzi collection and buy the books that aren't available from NLS (National Library Service). </lj-cut> I guess I"m going to try to hit the show and then see how long I can stay awake to wait for the fam to get home. Tomorrow will be packing day and Wednesday will be travel day provided no one gets extra sick or hurt in the time being. We shall see.

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