Ner (djner) wrote,

a short update

The plan is to go to the beach this afternoon, but I'm not sure when. We don't have too much special planned besides that, but it's the last full day here, so I'm sure we'll make it count. After the beach, we're going to cook out (ribs and steaks), and then leave tomorrow morning a bit early. My father-in-law has not been feeling good lately as he's been dealing with a cold for a while, so we haven't been doing much today. We shall see.

I edited my last entry so taht maybe the picture should show from Twitter. Twitter has some weird photo linking I didn't know about, but i think I fixed it, so hopefully my photo showed this time. At least now, I know how it's done in the future.Should be nice to get back home though even though the drive will suck. It's been a really nice time here, epsecially since going to the beach isn't necessarily something I love to do.

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