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Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything

April 19th, 2003

A good day for hot tea @ 03:49 pm

Current Music: Altan - Jimmy Lyon's....

About noon, it started to rain. We haven't had much rain lately, and this rain will help immensely. It's one of those soaking, nurturing, growing rains that the farmers welcome and my ad curses because it makes the grass grow. Now to get tea which is brewed, hold the line as the Brits and Aussies say.

Tea is gotten, today it's plain tea, well a mix of English breakfast and darjeeling I know I spelled that wrong. It's good but I almost spilled it on my computer tower which wouldn't be a good thing.

I've spent the day, slow day as usual, waking up mostly. Easter's not going to be the happiest of Easters as my sister and her boyfriend just broke up. She was to go to visit him and his family in Jonesborro, so she's not going. She's a bit on edge.

I'm home alone now, my sister had to get out of the house, my parents had to go to Sam's to get a tire for her car which was "warn to the metal". Methinks that isn't too healthy?

So, I'm getting ready by priming myself with new Celtic which I've downloaded and will play some of it for the show tonight on KXUA. Doubt I'll be recording anything more today, my dad forgot and turned my computer off so I missed an episode of David Copperfield, but this isn't a huge deal because I'm sure someone'll have it eventually.

Well, shall continue listening to this music and relaxing, I might try napping before my show so I don't yawn northwest Arkansas and the world to sleep. Maybe we'll have listeners from all over this week, I think the state count was 7 last week. More later.
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Date:April 19th, 2003 07:52 pm (UTC)
Hmm, sorry to hear of Kels break up. Please give her my condolences. She may feel better to know though, that I had the original tires on my car for 4 years and took the car in for an oil change and they saw my tired and freaked out. They were so bald and one was about to blow out because it was shredded so bad. But, damn, those tires lasted a long time!
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Date:April 19th, 2003 08:32 pm (UTC)
I think I remember when you got that tire changed, weird the amount of things you can remember these days, and how much you actually forget.

Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything