Ner (djner) wrote,


Happy Easter everyone! I'm still full from turkey and mashed potatoes and olives that I'm writing to digest the callories that I just ate, not that I need to lose any weight or anything, but yeah.

It's pretty warm outside, a cool breezeis coming in through my window, but the house itself is hot. I think I'm going to have to take myself up on the offer of taking my laptop outside with wireless connection and writing a journal. Might do it tonight but mosquitoes might eat me alive. Well, at least I'll have my last words recorded down for everyone to see.

We went to church this morning and I enjoyed it. There's lots and lots of people that seem to go only on Easter, but it's always good to see people there. was able to go without my walker which was brilliant.

Well, should go because I've run out of things to write. More later.
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