Ner (djner) wrote,

coldness pervades

It, is, so, cold at 4.30 in the morning. I just went out to take Fiona out and my god. If it's that cold when I go to class, I'll just have to rely on Fiona an dkeep bundled up with my huge coat. This cold is bordering on the insane. At last reading, it was like 7 at xna with a windchill of -9, I'm sure it's that cold here if not colder and without the wind, it'd be even colder. This is disgusting.

I basically went to all my classes yesterday, including Process cControl. think it's good to go to that class as it gives me some confidence in saying that I remember some stuff from last semester. I should be able to burn it up on the final for that one.

Today is statics and Circuits and analytical. Circuits as usual I'm not looking forward to though I know I'll have to go. Hopefully I'll make it there without turning into a popsicle or an ice block, one of the two. Got I network card and firewire card, when I thaw out, I'll put them in.

Will write more later.
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