Ner (djner) wrote,

It has been an inordinant amount of tie since I have written or read any journals. I'd planned to write, especially in the many crises that I'm had this week, well I guess there haven't been many, but if I were to write during those ties, you'd just have to read random rants which I'm sure you would not want to read.

so, an update on what has been going on in a nutshell. We went to Fayetteville on the weekend which was good in some ways, stressful in others. We went up origianlly go bet some of my sister's stuff from her roo, and also to go to a concert of hers. The University of Arkansas Symphony played one of the orchestrations of The Firebird Suite which was quite cool, and loud. I've continued to walk alone for a while, and was able to try to walk with Fiona while in Fayetteville. That was the stressful part, I'll need a while, but soon I'll be ready to attack the ranks and kick some ass, then we'll all have to fear for our lives, and mine since I probably would break every bone in my body doing so.

Not much of interest has been happining. I' working on getting free stuff from XM Radio because I'm doing a review of a device for the blind related computer program on ACB Radio called Main Menu. Getting free activation is like forging the declaration let me tell you. It's only $9.99 but hey, free stuff is good, especially if you're going to help the thig out damn.

Now for the main crisis telling. All along I had planned to finish all incompletes i.e. get incompletes for the classes that I am not taking this semester. In my favorite statics class, he had the infinite wisdom not to give me an incomplete. Technically this is true as he's stating a passage in our handbook, but it's just annoying. Well, he's now officially withdrawn me from the class, an dI'm awaiting message from the disability department as to if I'll actually be able to figure out a way to exempt myself from the class. If given the oportunity, I don't even know if I could pass the class, just because the guy teaching it is very difficut to say the least. This would have been much longer and I'm sure more vile if I'd written it earlier, but I've waited to spare you the gorey details. Gorey details are good though, as I write now, I know I'm leaving out details, things that happened, thoughts of the day. So I plan to do a better job of writing at my usual cool often intervals.

I stayed home from school today. Just didn't want to go. So I'll go tomorrow, and stay home Friday due to a doctor's appointment. Well, not much more comes mind to write. I'll leave the "I don't knw what to do with my life" rant for this afternoon's tea writing. More this afternoon, peace out.

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