Ner (djner) wrote,

finding, looking, seeking

Yesterday, I dropped the phone behind the chair cushions. Since I've been developing these scripts, I've had to have the screen available to get screen positions (nerd alert), I'm relegated to sitting in the recliner chair to do computer work rather than the office chair. Note: I don't have to actuallylook at the screen. Anyway, I found so much crap in the chair, miscellaneous baloons, candy wrappers, Amber's Mini guide which she left here last time she came, but alas, no phone. It was so far way back there in the reaches of the chair, that I wasn't able to reach it with my hand, no matter how small and skinny my hand really is. It wasn't till later that I got someone to help me get it out.

Lately, though, I see life and my life goals as a true example of the finding things in the couch routine. I have so many meaningless things that I'm interested in, so many things that I can do, so many things that I've found, but I just can't get my little hand back there to find something that I not only really enjoy to do, but something that'll make me some money. Today my dad wanted to know what my "plan" was for my career. I'm not sure at this point. I know I really enjoy doing radio stuff, it'd be really cool to do that for a career. I know I like talking to people and giving them advice so that'd be cool. Yet, I continue with my degree as a chemical engineer, my idea is it's too damn close to finishing to give up now. And hey, I might use it some time.

God, I need to go to alaska or something, wait I'm going. I can't wait for the cool azter of the Kenai river that'll surely lap over my feet. Maybe I'll even have the same experience I had last time I went when I was fishing while standing in the river and this person's fish that they had caught jumped out of the water and came down square in the balls. Damn fish :).

Not much else going on here, bit of a rainy morning, and cool too. Planetarion's continuing, and I continue to kick ass :).

On other notes, thank god there's liberal talk radio I can finally listen to on the satellite radio. I thought it didn't exist. More later.

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