Ner (djner) wrote,

increasing entropy of life

Ok, it's cold again, wtf?

I've finally supported live journal and paid for an account and I really enjoy it. Thanks controlgChris N for getting me into this. And Cool, I just used their little insert link of ueser link in my client, kind of cool. Anyway, enough of that, on to more exciting things, yeah right.

Yesterday was quite uneventful except for the cold. Fiona did not like it at all, she kept limping, but talking to Amber, she said that betty did the same thing so i think it's a (we've been in Australia too long) thing. We had a fire drill yesterday and we had to stand there for a while and she was shaking and very cold. I am supposed to see a professor today and I'll have to monitor things to see how cold it is. I'm sure Dr. Ward wouldn't mind if I didn't come, though it would be good to get Circuits sorted and working properly. She described a circuit in class yesterdaay quite well. I was quite impressed. Now I have to figure out how I'll do the quiz they did on Wednesday.

So it's Reactor design, design and P Control today, ex-ci-ting. I'm glad I'm kind of auditing process control though I'm glad I know Dr. Terpin and he's gong to let me sit in on his class. Apparently, if you audit a class, they charge you full fees, and I'm not going to audit the class, why pay the University of Arkansas more money if they have a cool professor who will let me stay in his class. Right now I remember most of the stuff. Damn I just remembered that i forgot to do an assignment for Dr. Terpin, suppose I should do a mass ballance and mail it to him so he doesn't get pissy and I lose 5 points. I hope I can do it.

Today I'll have to also and/or talk to the KXUA people about my show or lack thereof. I will be doing a Celtic show possibly tomorrow, but I need to delve into my suitcases and find my cabling and make sure my laptop is set up to broadcast the audi to the board. It would be bad if it wasn't and I had no material to play tomorrow. I'll have to also talk to them about their logging computer and putting JAWS on it so I can log my songs etc. without having someone there. My friend Helen will be there, she doesn't have to be there but will be there just because we always did a show together, tradition you know.

Well anyway, must refill coffee cup and get on with solving this mass balance. Will update later.

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