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alaska entry one

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to write seeing as I forgot my power cable for my laptop at home. My broher is letting me borrow his power charger for his laptop which happens to work on mine, and I don't know how often I'll be able to use it, hopefully I'll continue to be able to use it daily, who knows.

I've just gotten on the network and I really hope I can get on more often, five days without checking email takes a hell of a long time to check.

In short though, I'm here in Alaska at my brothers. I've been here since Wednesday the 11th of June, and had written earlier, but have really been quite busy so haven't had time to send what I'd written. So here it goes, hopefully in chronological order.

Wednesday 11 June
I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska at like 10:30 pm and we met our friends that we knew from Little Rock, Kirk and Susan at the airport. We spent long hours, too long I think, I tried and tried and tried to get the fam to stop talking with Kirk and Susan, but alas we made it to bed at 11:30 pm, Kirk had to get up at 4 1.m. to leave forr the states. What a crazy man; he has lots a lot of energy let me tell you.

Thursday 12 June
First background. Kirk and Susan live on an air force base, Elmendorf Air Force Base, and Kirk's a Lt. Colonel there. He therefore gets to do lots of cool things with cool toys like fighter jets, and that day wasn't any different. The plan was to get up at 7:30 a.m. to watch Kirk off as he took off in a f15 Eagle to travel to Nevada where he'd get to play war games. I thought I'd not be able to do this; get up at 7:30 after such a lont day Wednesday, but as little kids do (they have two other kide more about them later) I was fully awakened, and decided to go along. The jets were ultra loud. I'm sure Fiona didn't really want to be there as she really wanted to shy away from the madness, so we stayed inside the car after four of the screamers passed overhead.

After that, we went back and talked some more and I got to know Kirk and Susan's kids. Trevor is ten. I've known him since he was a baby which really makes me feel old, and he's the typical ten year old boy. His passions are snow boarding and figuring out ways to be cool and how he can antagonize his sister more. Reagan is his sister; she's seven. She's a very intelligent seven year old and she took great pride at reading to me after of course she figured out that I had cool gadgets that I could read with. They say that young kids have millions of questions, I'd forgotten this. Me and her seemed to click though and by the end of the day, by the time my brother picked us up, she'd already convinced me that (1) teaching kids piglattin is a bad idea, and (2) I am cool to little kids especially when blind. That, you don't get all the time.

My brother Sean came to pick us up that afternoon. I left, promising the kids that I would hopefully be able to return; and we made the journey from Anchorage to Kenai. Alaska is quite odd with it's little inlets and bays. It's confused many a tourist and sunk many a ship. It's also wated many an hour on the road. The Turnigan Arm separates Alaska from the Kenai Peninsula. As I've said before, it takes so long to drive to Kenai because you have to drive around the arm and up the peninsula.

We got to Sean's house three hours later. It's very cool here. He lives in a house on a public lake used a lot by many float planes. They seem to take off a lot each day and ferry tourists to and from exotic hunting and fishing places throughout the region. We haven't done this yet, but there's trout in the lake to and many fish off their docks or from the bank. Temperatures range from like 60 to 75 Degrees F in the day to like 40 to 50 at night, but scores of people swim, boat and jetski all over the lake.

I'm going to continue after dinner with my chronicling. We're taking Sean and Melissa (my sister in law) and Bailey and Aubrey (my nieces) out to dinner for Mexican food, so that should be good. YOu wouldn't think there's good Mexican food all the way up here, but t's ok at the place we're going too. In my following entry, I'll describe clam digging and how it works, and also talk about the screwed up sleeping cycles you seem to obtain while being here thanks to the sun. More soon. Hope everyone is well.

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