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alaska a final report

I really need to finish with Alaska so I can continue with the today. So I'll continue with Sunday, then start talking about the today rather than being stuck in the past.

One thing I am sure of is that my brother makes the best ribs ever. He won't even reveal his recipe to me, or I should say I can't put here what his recipe is, but I can tell you that it is worth waiting for his ribs. After getting home from doing stuff in town, taking my mm to the airport, we got back here and started playing in the lake.

I'm sure the water wasn't 34 degrees but when you jump into water in a wet suit even and it freezes you, you know its cold for sure. Its eest to get it over though, so after walking out a bit into the lake, and after being goaded by Sean a lot, I dived down for like two seconds into the lake.

Melissa's whole family including Ron and Shirley, Melissa's mom, Kimber (her sister), and Jimmy (fishing guide and Sean's brother in law) were there. Finally, Shane, Famous fisherman an, and his friend David were there. Oh yeah, Melissa's brother, sane one of the family was there too. We all enjoyed both swimming and drinking, and my two beers was miniscule to some people's drinking amount. Everyone was a professional at something that night (I still haven't written that Eskimo guy yet that reminds me.

The only other highlight except for Sean's ribs of course was me getting to drive the boat. I didn't bog out like I did with the four wheeler, and it went much better. David really wanted me to drive, especially since he was two sheets to the wind. It mas more wun that way too, and everyone had fun. Shane's directions on the lake were top notch, and we found that telling me to turn a quarter turn to the left or an eighth turn was much more productive than sean saying "turn, turn, turn, left I mean right I mean, oh shit turn turn, no your other right". We of course got her up to full speed, and had a great time taking the corners quickly. We were safe too which was a bonus too.

Besides the fishing, I think I'll remember that day the most of all. The cool breeze mixed with wind on my face while we sat there, and the gale in my face as I was at the helm of the boat. The fam was very cool too, and Justin and I enjoyed conversating as usual. Kimber has a new three moth old baby, Payton, and she's incredibly cute.

Sean and I were glad to get to bed late to take on another day, which I've described earlier in these pages.

I hope to come back to Alaska soon, even though the only injury I got was some sore ribs which I neglected to describe here. No need to describe the bad things hey? Anyway, I plan to come back next year and I already can't wait.

I've finally gotten all of my plans finalized for my trip to Arizona which will be much less eventful than the Alaska trip. It'll be good to see family though.

I called my doctor today to tell him about my fishing and get his email address, and then realized that I had an appointment tomorrow. I'll be getting an e-rey fo my arm just to see how healing is going. I'm sure it is going great, but we need to just make sure. I'm bringing him some fish too which I'd promised I would bring as well.

Well, I suppose I should get started on writing people about school for next year. I'm quite discouraged about it as usual, and hope I can finish my degree, some way somehow. I also need to get started on writing a resume so I can get it sent to xm, and get me in their files for a possible job. So I should go now that I've totally updated things. More later; I loved bringing my trip to you all, was absolutely cool.

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