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stupid internet

I would have written yesterday but the university was having issues with the internet. I was able to get an ip address but no access to the network because I simply couldn't authenticate to the network. Consequently, I didn't get much if any work done yesterday but think about how much work I actually had to do. I looked at Dr. Terpin's assignment that was due on Friday. Had to meet with him and discuss it. There were several braille errors and the diagram's lines were not well defined at all. Some of them I could hardly feel. So, basically we didn't finish going over the diagram and we'll ahve to go over it again on Monday. Hopefully they will have the other assignment that will be due on Friday done, but I'm doubting it. I don't think they have a clue as to what to do about making tactile diagrams. They'll sure have to get bettersoon, or they'll continue to get further and further behind. I haven't as of yet heard from Dr. Jong about the assignment that I had due a week ago and the quiz they did on last Thursday though I met with him.

So yesterday was a loss because I had no access to the email, what little of it I have left. I lost about 3 years of old email on Friday after I wrote my journal entry. Apperas as if I copied my empty mailbox from Eudora on my hard drive on the desktop to the one on my laptop rather than doing it the other way around. Stupid me. I have an 18 month backup which I have restored but it's just not the same. Oh well, not much I can do.

I went and hung out with my friend Alisson yesterday. She helped me with organic chemistry when I was taking organic I and II. It was cool not to have to discuss organic while we were there. Her kids Sly and Felix are so cool. Sly is seven, Felix is three. We went to Ozark Natural Foods Co Op and I got all kinds of cool stuff like some kick ass root beer I always like to get, it's very naturally brewed. Expensive but good. They have some root beer over there which is about $4 per bottle. What the ... Anyway, I had fun and got some good stuff + lunch. Fiona had a great time playing with the kids, she found a ball somewhere and played with it and got chased around by Sly and Felix.

I did my first show on KXUA that I've done in a while. It was cool because it's another student organisation that I wanted to make sure that I became involved in, I've met many people through it, plus I get to be on terrestrial radio and share my Celtic music with Fayetteville people. The show went relatively well, but I need to do a better job at ending the show and handing over to DJ Diplomat AKA Ra (that's his name for real) whose after me. He does a hip hop show. From Celtic to Hip hop is a huge step, one that will tramattize many, but one that people will have to get used too. I realised just how much equipment I have in doing my show, wow, I'm amazed I can fit it all in my bakcpack. I've written my friend Steve whose been getting cds for me while I've been gone, and we'll get some dvds burned soon with all the stuff (20 gb at least of new Celtic). Goldmine!!!!

I woke up at 9 a.m. this morning, a world record. Ana p would be proud of me. And, I ahven't done much but go to Brough with Denna which was cool. I didn't eat much seeing as I'd had three pieces of pizza earlier when I got up.

Plans for the day include getting work done, listening to kxua, this is a good broadcasting day for KXUA's music with four hours of jazz, the rock and roll show that I always introduced when my show first started on KXUA, and some electronic shows tonight from 8 to 12. Quite cool indeed. I'll also be joining some more communities, especially the Aussie communities I found, they are cool too, made me want to go back even more. More later.

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