Ner (djner) wrote,

I've got a life back

Well I'm relieved, I can now return to a life that is both normal and well normal. I've been engrossed and absoltely consumed with reading Harry Potter, and I've just finished the book. I have never read a book in braille as fast as this one and I'm not lying when I say that when I took a shower today I noticed soft calouses on the two fingers I use to read.

I've been staying up till two the past few days, waking up to gheck a target for Planetarion, then going back to sleep, getting up at ten, then starting to read again.

I won't go into detail of the book because you should all read it first, but it was damn good let me tell you. There's one thing about those books and books in general that always suck me in. I get pulled into an equal world, one where there is no prejudice of sight or not sight. It's amazing but all the concepts I have concerning color and what I know about how things are or how they look comes from books. Authors who give lush descriptions that not only draw you into the plot but also draw you in the setting of the book are absolutely amazing to me. Ally left today exclaiming "I don't know how he can read that much at a time." I just smiled and told her that she should start learning how to enjoy books.

I plan to make it an early night tonight consequently; I'm forgetting the fact that I forgot to do my show on Monday. Lately I haven't really cared about that. I think I've been distracting myself from the impending hell that will be school and university work in two months. So with that, I'll end it here. My mind is a bit blurred and I'm picking targets soon so will have to be able to think :). More sooner rather than later, I must find new books to read.

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