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my first entry to this live journal

Wow, I finally got this stupid thing installed and working correctly with jaws and the client I am using. Maybe I can make some sense of how to write journal entries though it's not looking too hard to do. I think I have solved the problem of jaws screwing up in the web pages by going to the bottom of the page and then surfing backwards, thus avoiding the crappy bit of the page. Should be relatively useful. Anyway, being a journal I should update what happened yesterday, have no idea how or which way this journal will take shape, but hopefully I will have the time and energy to update it.

I got home yesterday from Chris's chris n's live journal at about 4.00, and they had a look at Kelseas (my sister)'s old computer cabinet she used for architecture. Since she will not be in the architecture program, she will not need it anymore. We were glad that Chris's sister enjoyed it and will so now we have no huge cabinet in the very crowded garage anymore. Now all my dad has to do is sell the fire extinguisher boxes and other crap in the garage, and we'll be right.

I generally had a good time at chris's, though the ghetto network really sucked ass. It kept dropping out though I doubt it was on my end, as when we had it connected through my 1394 port, it seemed to work slightly properly. Who knows.

I fell asleep relatively early for one of my 30 minute power naps, even though it was only like a 3 minute nap, and got a call from Amber. She was sad to hear about the fire in Caryn's caravan, definately hard to believe that I lived there for like a month. I'm glad it didn't go up in smoke while I was there though I wouldn't have lost anything except for candy and shit.

Anyway, it was good to tak to Amber as it usually is (always is I should say). We talked about Mike and the screwed up situation between Rebecca and him. She had no idea that it was as screwed up as it is. I wish something cool would happen between Chris and Rebecca as it'd be another blow to Mike, who has theoretically been screwed by one Arkansas guy, namely me. We gave Chris a call and he gave Amber Rebecca's phone number. I hope their conversation goes well/went wel. I think they definately needed to talk. Then we talked about Jonathan, Amber's ex, and some of the interesting stories that she has about him. There seem to be thousands of them. I've heard most of them, but Amber keeps embellishing them which is funny.

Went to ed at like 9.00 pm which is early for me, and had a unrestful night waking up at 2.30 am when I had a very disturbing dream about how Amber having a terminal illeness. She wanted me to kill her for some odd reason, so I gave her like 12 teaspoons of cough medicine and she died. I really doubt that that much cough medicine would kill someone so it must have been really powerfull stuff. Last thing I remember was me saying that I was sad because I didn't say goodbye. What the ... I have no idea, no sense in analysing these dreams because it just makes me smile. Can we say Sodium cyanide? Anyone want a cuppa?

Looked at motherboards and processors today in hopes that I"ll be able to upgrade my computer (desktop) for cheaper than I can actually buy a new one. Right now, I have a p4 2.66 gb processor with mother board and 512 mb memory for like a bit over 600. I can buy a new system for like 1500 dollars from Dell. I don't know what I'll do but probably will call local stores to see if they carry any of that kind of crap.

Don't know what I'll do about buying a mobile phone, but I'll figure something out. Cingular or Sprint, that's the question. That's all for now. I'll write later when I come up with something groundbreaking and amazing to write.

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