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At last note, it had reached 116 for the high today in Phoenix. Walking out today at Jean's house was like walking straight into and out of a large industrial sized oven. There are new fires sprouting around the state, recently in the Whitt Mountains, and its bad news for the already spread thin firefighters that are out fighting the fires in the forests. I'm hoping I can tell a coherent story of yesterday and today, but I'm having somewhat of a difficult time typing due to the fact that I had a margarita and two glasses of wine this evening, something I rarely do. Though my mind processes are quite coherent, my fingers aren't necessary doing what they're told by my mind as fast as they usually do, so forgive any spelling errors.

The party went very well for Grandma. I knew many people that I saw, and I was met mostly with good memories which seemed to flood back to me. One person that I had known named Marie was very much not well with alzheimers disease, and she didn't know me at all. Harold, my old buddy, and her husband did not spare me the deletion of any details of her condition and how she took care of her. Ally was quite the photographer and we have lots to thank for of as I"ll show you tomorrow after Faye sends me photos tomorrow. I had times just due to the shear number of people that I felt quite isolated, but on the whole I did well, and the party will be something of a memory me and many others will cherish forever.

I went over to Jean's house today after going over to Carol's house to give her some cool presents. She was especially thrilled to get the Violet Crumble (a candy bar from Australia) from Dianne, my Aunt. Jean was doing well, and all we did pretty much was talk ajnd reminisced about times both good and bad we have had together. I swore today at dinner that I would try to find this teacher I really really hated in elementary school, so I'll be doing a web search later just for the hell of it. We went to Starbucks again, and I was amazed to find out that there were still some people that had hot drinks in the really hot conditions. I also enjoyed listening to conversations. When I listen to conversations I learn so much about people without them een knowing. Its kind of like my kind of people watching, just cooler.

Then, we went to Huajacas, a Mexican food restaurant that I had been to previously with Jean and Rich her husband. Ric did not spare me the agony of too fewinsults and jokes which I thoroughly enjoyed. Jean did not spare me her laughs and good humour. The margaritas were top notch and the wine I had upon coming back to Carol's, a Merleaux, rocked of course too.

I'e convinced Julian, Carol's husband, that he HAS to have XM, and that was kind of funny because I did not expect him to want to want it.

I called my ex-Uncle Nick, Carol's ex-husband, and I'm thoroughly going to enjoy going to a Toastmasters meeting tomorrow morning. Faye's even going to get up at the ripe hour of 6:00 a.m. and will go with us. I haven't done Toastmasters lately, and it'll be a refreshing change and I'll be able to compare my times in TM in Australia to the one here. So consequently, I should end this entry and head back to my Grandma's so I can go to bed and get ready to get up early. More later; I'll be leaving on Wednesday morning early, so I will write a final entry from here, and then will be thankfully launched yet again into something of a normal fashion until I start university in August.

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