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home again

I suppose it is time to write yet again and fill this void of a live journal with meaningless crap yet again, well its not that meaningless, I have so many non lj people that read it (family esepecially) that it must not be too meaningless.

I'm home now, sitting here drinking coffee, my normal lj stance finally, and I think I'm ready to update on the past few days. It srefreshing to be sitting in my chair, drinking coffee from my new kick ass Starbucks cup so here we go with my update.

Last time I left you, I was planning on the Toastmasters meeting, and getting ready to go to other cool meetings. Unlike sunnyblue's experience, I had some cool I am sure non bald people leading the meeting, and therefore I had a great time. Compared to my club in Australia, we met at 7 a.m. instead of 7 pm. I have never met a group of people as pumped up, as loud, and as raucus as that group, especially at 7 a.m. The theme was pizza, picked by my Uncle Nick, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to get some pizza for lunch. People were very friendly, and the topics and speeches were all great and kept me awake sufficiently which was needed very much.

I even got to do a table topic. A table topic is a topic that they give you randomly and without warning. I had to talk (I was the first speaker even) for two minuts on how Pizza was different in Australia as compared to the U.S. I'll save that rant for a later entry, but suffice it to say I have plenty to say on that topic. I had a great time imbellishing it to the max. I was sorry for the end of the meeting, but absolutely excited and amazed that I won the best table topics award that they give out at the end of the meeting.

I had a lunch meeting at 11:30 with my financial dude Daron. It went well and the food was awesome, we went to this place called Franco's, an Italian place, and I felt like the upper crust of society for once, they knew Daron's name, and were very friendly to us. We even got to meet the owner. The meeting itself went well; he's a smart guy.

After that, we went and saw Pirates. For a movie based on a Disney ride, it was very well done and even kind of funny. I'd see it again if I had the chance.

The rest of the day and the next day were quite uneventful: packing, flying, etc. You know the usual drill. I actually had a interesting experience flying back. From Phoenix to Dallas, I sat next to this Grandma and her little Grnadkid. Actually, it was her great grandkid. She was very talkative as all six year olds are and didn't have a problem in telling me how exactly famous her Great-Grandma was. I didn't believe her when she told me that she was famous because of Wizard of Oz. Grandma (Margaret) played one of 153 Munchkins in the 1939 movie. When I asked her why she played a munchkin, she said that naturally she was a small person so why not play one. I hadn't thought of this, and I can hardly believe how she looked as an 80 year old really short lady, maybe a bit like my Grandma, maybe just like a really short old lady. However she looked I'm sure she was pretty cute, and I was honored to meet such a person as her and her Great Granddaughter, Barbara. Barbara just thought I was cool because I had a dog.

I'm glad to be home though, even though they say the heat index is quite high it does not match the heat of Phoenix. 117, dry heat or not, just is unbearable, and I was welcomed by 93 degrees which even though it felt like a infernal steam bath was nicer. I slept in today, and I still am suffering from jet lag, I think. And that's where I'll leave you as I have nothing planned today, expect really boring entries from here on out :). More later

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