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tales of the imploding coffee cup

I'm using my mom's Starbucks coffee cup which I haven't used before, its one of those cool travel mugs which is uppose to be thermally insulating etc. Asit cools and the plastic and metal contracts though it makes these weird clicking noises, makes me wonder if in fact it will implode any time soon, wouldn't that be interesting. I can picture it now
Blind college student sues Starbucks due to coffee cup implosion

Surgeons remove metal pieces from left ear n miraculous twenty three day proceedure

Today is another normal day though I'm procrastinating more than I should. I have to send several emails to the university concerning going back next semester. I have to have a PLAN on how I'll attempt to stay in one peace and at the same time make it through two semesters. Any ideas? :) I will have to make several changes in how I do things mostly reducing risks, walking risks. Basically if I fall over I break things, so if I can walk as little as possible mathematically I should ahve less of a chance of breaking things. So, I'm going to see how the lovely van service works at the UOfA. If it sucks after a week or so I'll ahve to go back to status quo and try again. I haven't used it in so long that I think I have to recertify disability wich should be a bitch an d ahalf. I also have to write my teachers telling them that I am now able to go back and see how we'll actually do classes.

I have not done any of those things, but plan on working on them all and crafting some good emails to send on Saturday or sunday. Its very steamy here today, not a day to be outside. I'm enjoying the air conditioning and also wondering to myself why I am in fact drinking hot coffee on a day like this. I don't know; I suppose it is yet another oddity in the life of ner.

NOt much left to tell about day to day life happenings, I just continue to watch as little news as possible because I've been getting more disgusted about how things have been going or continuing to go lately. The only good thing that has happened lately is I think the stock market going up. People keep continuing to get killed in Iraq for no reason, innocent blood spilled on a war that Bush thinks doesn't exist anymore. Failed intelligence, the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the many dead reinforces my views that this war was in fact not necessary. Saddam's gone at least temporarily, but what have we acieved really? A larger deficit, lower taxes and increased spending, and a military that's spread very thin, no matter how much the administration says it isn't. And we want to send a few troops to Libyria, wtf? Enough rambling, more later when its good:).

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