Ner (djner) wrote,

I'm really tired, so I'll write this thing and head straight for bed, not that I have a huge amount to write about ... let's see. Well, today I did a whole hell of a lot, I picked my nose, slept, picked my nose, slept again, picked my nose again, wrote in my journal. No, just kidding, I wish my life was *that interesting.

The big highlight of the day was the fact that I went to the dentist. I really don't like going to the dentist, its that disgusting gritty s**t they use to pollish your teeth. I don't see why I would want to pick between mint and cherry, those were my choices today. I try my hardest not to taste the stuff. I thought the kicker once was that they gave me the choice of banana pollish, what the??? Anyway, my teeth are fine i.e. they're not falling out or anything, no need for dentures yet thank god. My mom went with me and had her teeth cleaned too, and we decided to spoil it all and go to Pizza Hut afterwords, how cool is that.

Now start pick nose, sleep, routine. Or shall I say boring part of day. I listened to more of the Hitchhikers guide and I think I've decided to read the thing. The drama is quite a bit cut down I think, plus the source I got it from has an incomplete part of the drama which sucks the big freakingone, it cuts off at 13 minutes right in a good part. arrrrrrg!!!

Created some database tables at gunpoint of course, and they should work fine. I still have more work to do, a lot more work oh god. Tomorrow's plans include an amazing amount of nothing. We were going to go to Memphis to visit my sister and take some stuff, but they had a huge storm there with 90 mil per hour winds and so she said seeing as they have no power still and the storm was at 7 a.m. it wouldn't be a good idea to come. Perhaps I'll download the copy of the book and start reading it in braille should be able to finish book 1 of 5 tomorrow.

Well, time for ner political rant of the day. We've supposedly killed Udei and Kusei Huisein and a long four firefight in the city of Mosul. I will believe the evidence when I see positive DNA matches, but this is promising. I still do not think this justifies the war. It does not make the deaths that are happening now good. But the Iraqi people are still free, more free than they used to be that is and that is good. And, on a more positive note "That dern nukyaler progrum ain't there anymore. Man, amercans are awesome ain't we?": imaginary George w quote. More later guys, be good or something.

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