Ner (djner) wrote,

have I finished that schedule, my god someone get me an adville

Well, today has neither been exciting nor boring, a paradox I know but hey, I've been reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, actulaly listening to the radio drama (different from the book kind of I think), will start reading the thing tomorrow methinks.

Today has been spent mostly hey guess what, emailing the uni (30 minutes) talking to my good buddy and arch nemesis Dave Williams about the ACB Radio Schedule, "wouldn't it be great if we could get it all working and then we could say it was fully developed by blind people?" Yeah you stupid freak, we're a station RUN by blind people,like duh? Any freaking way, there's this inept webmaster we have who has somewhat inept ideas that I'm having to work with him on i.e. rectify his ideas. Basically what Dave tells me is just to "write the damn thing and he won't have a choice but to accept your scheduling system will he then?" He doesn't read this, the inept webmaster dude, so I can safely say that I'd rather work with my dentist doing a root canal on my whilst I do a scheduling system rather than argue with stupid inept webmaster dude. He's actually very smart and quite ept (is that a word?) but he's just annoying. Basically what I'm doing is creating this huge ass database thingymajig that does cool stuff, really cool stuff, like displaying our schedule, and all the broadcasters credit card numbers and phone numbers to the mass of listeners we have, wait a minute I don't think I was suppose to reveal that, oh well. Yeah it'll reveal that only with the special ner password which ner will only reveal for $30 million dollars in monopoly money. For real though, I just have to compare the schedule me and controlg's schedule and another dude's scheduel and meld them, melt them together like that mass of vanilla ice cream I ate tonight. Do you know, I didn't realize *that* much ice cream fit in that little bowl I had tonight, took me 20 minutes of rewarding bliss I could have been spending melding the scheduling system to rival the FBI's either that or ner's social scheduling system (oh yeah, I'm retrofitting our scheduling system to schedule all of my social engagements, problem is, I'm working to get about 3 terabytes of space so there'll be enough space). I'm just *that* popular you know. Well, I suppose I"ll stop this absolutely pointless entry so I can, you guessed it work on this stupid ... wait a minute let me rewind loaidupoqewiuncpoiunpoiew. Let me end this totally full of informational entry so that I can work on the


Oh yeah!!!!!!! Somebody, please, give, me, a, root, canal, now, before, I, Puke!!! Oh god, my keyboard's ruined now, more later.

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