Ner (djner) wrote,

stupid things you must not do part 2

Wekkm I must say, this must take the cake for a wake up call that in fact no one listens to my show. For about an hour now I've been using my screen reader and everything I've been doing including read journals has been going out to air through my speech synthesizer. I only figured this out just a couple of minutes ago, had a stupid sound card issue. So now, being that I'm sitting in my recliner, most would think this a cool thing to do, sit in your recliner and type. Its not when you have to lean over your self while typing and read your braille display because you can't read the damn screen with JAWS. I've decided that I can't wait til I get back to school for one reason, I'll actually have a for real desk to sit at rather than a recliner with all of my crap over on a bookshelf beside me. We have room in this room (the room where Isleep) for a sewing machine, a treadmill, everything else, but no room for my desk. Oh yeah, we have room for the mac that too. arg. For those of you who are in college now you know waht I'm talking about but when you move out, you really get moved out. Your parents, at least mine, liked to rearrange the house so you get slightly relocated "for the good of the house of course". At least I had a room to go back to I guess but the extra additives that we have here just isn't too cool. I say we put the damn treadmill somewhere out in the pasture with the cows and see how that works. Then we could move in a desk, move out the recliner and I'd be right on course to a productive carreer in computing or sitting on my ass. Maybe I'd write mundane rather than crazy entries, who knows, you be the judge, what do you think? I tend to think this recliner is good but only for two minutes of so, when you spend seven hours a day in it, it just detracts you from doing work. So I shall end this very pointless entry thank god my show will only last for 15 minutes. At least someone could have told me I was blasting to the world *everything*. oh my god, *ner shudders because he thinks he read some pretty screwy ljs n that time.* I'm going away now :(.

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