Ner (djner) wrote,

the ribbeye cluster

I am post dating this about what time I thought it was posted, it will live damnit. Unfortunately I can't retrieve the comment I got on it i.e. send it. Ner's nudity bar and grill sounds great.
I wish it was as easy as moving to a new cluster. What if we all moved to new clusters in the game of life. It kind of reminds me of the israelis and Palestinians.
What's been happening today on lj is kind of that. Some of us are being involuntarily moved from cluster to cluster, causing havoc of course and making
updating and replying to people's comments virtually impossible. Lh well, I used to be on the green cluster, now I'm on the ribbeye cluster, mmmmm tasty
steak, so hopefully all will be good and people won't get stupid internal server error things. At least they didn't do like the Israelis and dstroy random
accounts just because.

Not much going on today. Its been quite lonely at the pad since its only me and my dad. Advantage of it is I get to blast the old music as loud as I want
and test the max output of my crappy speaker system. My highlight for today was that I switched long distance plans for the fam today, haven't done that
too much. Sprint was unhappy though they couldn't do as good as AT&T's 24.95 unlimited long distance plan, unlimited plus they call it. Better than our
unlimited weekends plan we have with sprint so I said screw them and we switched. Amazing how many checks and balances you hae to go to to get it done,
very good though. Do you know ... they ahve this automated verification system that the federal government has instituted to make sure you really want
to switch? Very 1984ish let me tell you.

Tonight's gourmet meal will be vegetable lasagna and I think I'll find some carrots and peal and cut them. Anybody have other good food suggestions? I'm
really considering opening up a restaurant some day, if I told you the name someone'd probably try to steal it so you will have to remain shrouded in secrecy
on that one. More later when it becomes available.

update: I haven't posted this yet, more damn server errors.

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