Ner (djner) wrote,

a relatively nice day

How can a day be relatively nice, let's see. The weather was quite nice, especially tonight since it rained about an hour ago and now the air is quite cool and fresh. It's supposed to continue raining tomorrow so that will continue to freshen things up a bit. Boomer (our big dog) has commenced digging a huge hole in his pen probably half because he's bored, and half because he's hot. It's holding water in it now apparently and my dad and I reckon that we could have a pond there soon if it continues.

It continues to be quite lonely here, I'm really hoping the Planetarion people hold true on their promises that a new beta round will start tomorrow, since I haven't gotten to try out the new system, I'll be looking forward to some kind of stimulation tomorrow and hope they implement my changes I've suggested as well. I'm totally OVER programming in general and though I've volunteered yeah right more like am forced, to do some web stuff (see entry if you can previous if you're on my list), I just don't want to do it anymore. Its times like these that I wish I had a lot of things to do i.e. a job or something, or school, so I could tell a certain web dude to go and shove it up his you know where. I'm an ides man, not a trained programmer. Oh yeah, nd I am a chemical engineer (or will be in a year) so I can blow up things if you want, but I do not program well when forced and now is a time when I'm feeling forced. I do think that it will be an easy task what he's given me, but getting motivation will be another matter.

I had an interesting experience last night with my cel phone to be totally random just to get off the bitching subject. A couple of days ago I dropped my phone behind my bed, `in a totally unreachable place. Last night I totally couldn't handle the lack of long distance and connectivity so I had to figure out a way to dislodge the phone. I ended up figuring out that I had to find something lng and slender to pry down the crack in my bed and somehow dislodge the thing. I took the handle off my mom's dust mop. After about 20 minutes I was able to knock my phone into the corner of the bed and then wrench it out that is after I moved my bed out. The moral of this story I must remember is to not drop my phone behind my bed.

Nothing's planned tonight, I should look at this web thing but we'll see if that happens. For now I'm listening to a radio station we have on our streaming servers that's a low power station. I didn't have any idea that low power fm's could say fuck and shit etc. blah blah blah. Apparently they can though, this show's full of it. I feel sorry for the dudes in San Diego who are listening to the "fem rock show" I guess some people like it maybe. Anyway, more later.

Update: Just found out that Free Radio San Diego us a ourate radui statuibm xplains a lot let me tell you, I've never heard any pirate radio stations before even on short wave radio. There's several pirate stations out ther oddly ehough too, very interesting looking at their web site too. Long live anarchy :).

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