Ner (djner) wrote,

Well, word from the planetarion team suggests that we will in fact be restarting beta testing, so I get to blow up things today which should be cool and awesome. Today's been spending watching semantics of President bUsh's speech which as usual never ceases to amaze me. Readers of this journal should know my political views by now :) so I won't go into it. He said two times todaywhich pissed me off to no end. Its been raining on and off today so I've been managing animals, in and out in and out, all day. Gabby wanted in now so I'm paying for that as she's clawing very sensitive areas at the moment. Though this stpid web page thing will be really easy, and I have ideas, I have no real motivation to do the copy and pasting that's necessary to get the job done. Well, more later after I get started building shit and blowing shit up on this game, how cool will that be, real cool!

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