Ner (djner) wrote,

oh the agony

What the hell, I'm listening to this euro remix of a Michael Jackson song. Those damn europeans come up with some really weird things especially in the dance realm, of course what do I expect by listening to a European Pop station on XM, UPOP. I losten to it so much because I think that pop music that is not not American is not necessarily good but a change of music scenery at least. Ah the freedom of XM, I love it.

The agony I talk about is lunch, what do I have. I'm hungry, not doing much of anything interesting as they're updating the Planetarion beta servers so that they work better, lots of changes still to come apparently. I'm in the elite beta team so what I say actually has a bearing on how the game actually develops, especially when it comes to accessibility to blind people. Anyaway, being idle, procrastination, and being hungry has a bearing on how I act and this means I'm coming up with all kinds of screwy ideas on what I can make as far as lunch. I could go boring and make something prepackaged like Chicken Nuggets, I had those yesterday, or Eggrolls, I had those the day before that. I had a kickass sandwich last night so I don't plan on making myself a sandwich, so hence my plan. I could make hamburgers, yes that's a good idea. These wouldn't be any normal hamburgers though, I thought of putting garlic salt and a dash of tariaki sauce, and ... and ... here's the exclamation, I put cheddar cheese in the meat, kind of stuff it in the paddy. I've had a hamburger like this before and I remember it kicked ass. I'm thinking though that I'll go with the mundane and have eggrolls, all that writing all for naught. My mind still spins though, as it will always when it comes to food.

As I said, I have no plans really today. I called the University today and had a housing contract sent so I can't wait till I get to shell out $100 as a deposit. Oh god I think I need to go now, another freaky remix of an 80s song. Let's see this one is We've got tonight, kind of cool mix actually. Who did it before, some dude I think. I like the peppy techno version much better. Whoever Ronan Keeting is he's cool :). More later before I get even more nerotic.

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