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I'm sitting here yet again, with cup of coffee to my left, just about 6 cm from my keyboard. I don't think you're supposed to do that but what the hell ever.

The weather is warm, the winds are fresh, and I feel that they're carrying the promise of a reasonable day. I've started reading statics, very boring. Statics consists of forces, lots and lots of forces. You draw forces by drawing pictures which is a bit of a problem as far as I'm concerned. For instance, I could draw the forces of my ass as it presses on the chair, ro I'll havre to draw the forces of all the parts of my chair plus of course my ass. Anyway about reading, the thing they sent me has no such diagrams available. I'll have to write my good budddy Cathy in the textlab to see if she can hook me up with some diagrams. I've been asked to come into the textlab to do a workshop of sorts to help them to improve their brailling and/or technique. I'll do that, possibly today but that's all up to my other good buddy Casey. They are all my friends over there, they have to be so that I can get stuff done well. Casey I believe, is a bit younger than me. Most of the dudes who work in the textlab are students, it's really cool because they understand. Now if we can just understand how to braille, hmmm, what a concept.

I had a mental lapse and forgot to mention that I talked to the Toastmasters guy here at campus. They actually have a club here ate campus, problem is that it meets at 12.30 every every other Wednesday. I have reactro design with Byers, the prick, so most likely I'll just skip his class, and process. Is this a good idea, probably not. Let's see, have fun at toastmasters or go to class and be bored out my ass. I pick having fun.

Well, must go and finish my coffee. My goal today is to make it to class on time, so I'll probably leave at 7:30 so that I have time to let Fiona out and get to class. More later, coffee calls.

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