Ner (djner) wrote,

Sleep is not coming on as soon as I hoped it would. I just layed in bed for like an hour with no results. So I've resorted to calculating my greatest non friends at This link where it took me forever to get a slot to calculate. Apparently sweetstripe is my number 1 non friend and her boyfriend I was number 1 to. What the hell, something's a bit screwy. Run it and check it out, if you can get a calculation done, its worth it :).

I'm also trying to listen to this weird ass newage music which is supposed to calm you down. I really should turn on my own music as I've got hundreds of hours of it but this will do plus they do the mixing for me and I just have to turn it on. And ... I get to think about how its coming down from space which is a surreal and relaxing thought; space music coming down from space, wow! Ok I'll stop now, maybe I'll get to sleep now but I promised more randomness so I thought I'd fill more bytes and post. I really wonder how many words my journa l is, anyone want to read the whole thing and count for me :P. MOre later.

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