Ner (djner) wrote,

I've been subjectless for a couple of days now, well not totally subjectless, but feeling subjectless. Therefore, I'll refrain from putting subjects.

I thought yesterday was hot, today there's heat rising from everything. Yes, heat rises, but steam makes this fact very evident. I'd take an Australian winter any day, even if I had to get swooped by magpies on the way to class, as is the case now. They're in peek magpie swooping season but at least its cooler than the temps we have here.

Plans continue forward so I'm thinking I'll not go to the wedding. I've been invited but it seems more interesting. I'm bringing some cookies which should be well-received by all.

I was amazed at the trustmetrics link I put in my journal appearing throughout several others. I guess people continue to be bored. I know how you feel :). Well, nothing hugely important going on here. The Planetarion beta is kind of stuck; I hope they're implementing changes though they haven't even looked at my accessibility changes I've reported. So, more when it becomes available, stay cool.
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