Ner (djner) wrote,

all things academic my ass

I figured that since the time was drawing near to ready myself for Fall 2003 that I should avail myself of the oportunity of being or feeling motivated and get ready. Those times, the times in which I've been feeling motivated to get things done have been getting further and farther in between. I'm not sure if its because of my situation and the fact taht I get hurt so often or the fact that I haven't had to do things on a schedule in a long time but I'll take the sudded spurt of motivation and run with it.

Run with it I did today. I contacted my advisor, got an advising number, and ran onto the new scheduling system that they havat at uark. Forever, we've had to call a number and jockey for the few free lines that they've had available. NOw, you can register on line and I thought I'd try it out. It is truly much easier to do it that way, just click a few buttons and you're done. I've only registered for one class as of now, but I'm on the way to getting it done. I'm very concerned with getting as many classes done as I can this semester so I can take as much time possible next year to finish our design project in which we go to New Mexico and design something, or compete with a design; something like that. I talked to the new circuits professor and the new chemistry professor, and they should be workable. The chemistry lady was very nice and encouraging. It hink she's really going to try to work with me and that is cool. I also talked to the Computer Methods guy and he was cool as usual; maybe I'll enjoy that class.

I'm not exactly sure what my whole schedule is, because I'm finishing up so many incompletes. I'm just thankful that so many professors are willing to work with me. If it all goes well this semester, I might even try to get a job doing chemical engineering; anything is possible.

So besides the fact that I watched both Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy, it hasn't been very exciting.

It rained briefly this afternoon and now the evening air is cool and refreshing. I enjoyed going outside though its still too humid to read.

Well, suppose I should end this endlessly boring entry for you the reader. I wonder if I'll ever spend days reading this journal, I hope to some day. More later.

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