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short entry to be proceeded by a long one

Well guys, so much has gone on since I last write it's not funny. My life has changed completely, I've fallen back into a deeper love, and I have endured reems upon reems of pain. I will write more later, much more as I do not have much else to do but sit in this hospital bed and write, but I don't have a proper dial up account, so until I get home I'll have to write offline and then post. when I hooked up my computer today, it was as if a veil had been removed, a window of opportunity created, for me to put down thoughts on how I'm feeling, who pisses me off on any particular day.
Here's a very quick summary to be followed up by a greatly detailed rambling about what happened, I need to get it down, people say, so I can get through the shrowds of both anxiety and depression I'm dealing with at the moment. If I didn't have awallens I have no idea, absolutely none, how I would be able to deal with myself, the issues at hand etc. Not many can put up with me like she can, it'w wonderful having her.

Life as I knew it ended on 30 January at about 4.40 pm. Crossing Dixon street, I fell down and broke very cleanly my right femur. Subsequentlym U ent to lr where I now reside in Arkansas Children's Hospital room 3289 in 3 orange wing, where all ortho patients go. I know many of the nurses alreadym that's one of the cool things about it.

I had one surgery which will be descibed later, and mu leg was plated and fixed. I've also been diagnosed with depression (situational) and post traumatic stress syndrome (situational as well). I will take medication for about a year I think for that, more later about that.

That's about the shortest I could give you, must go and get offline, then write another entry so as to be more precise, but wanted everyone to know what I was dealing with. I truly can't wait till I see Amber again, we're not only such great buds, but she helps me out and there's one good plus there, this thing has bought be closer to love than I have ever been, and that, is wonderful. More later.
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