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I'm extremely tired and computered out over here. We've finally gotten the wireless network going without a wireless network access point which was cool. It does help to turn the antenna of the wireless card on as a radio without an antenna doesn't do too well.

The party really went well. Chris was very appreciative and I was very happy that he had not gotten a wireless connection at the airport in Atlanta to read my lj entry about the party. We ended up doing a lot of talking, a lot of eating, and a lot of swimming which has made all the dogs, and all the people very tired. We had hamburgers and two types of cake, coca cola cake, (a totally rockin cake which I must get a recipe for), and Carrot cake. I think Fiona's laying under my bed, and Raymond, I have no idea where he is.

I did quite a lot fo talking on AIM and msnabout lots of cool things including randomness, and of course, the stupdity of people that you probably don't know. aryntay hooked me up with a kick ass icon which I'll be indebted to for a while. I'll be adding more icons hopefully, but this animated one is the coolest. Well, must go so I can continue to read my friends page. All the best.
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