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dude, my head is going to explode

Well, I've just got off the phone with web dude, and I'm thinking that I should figure out how to blow up things, how cool would that be? Not too cool probably. We're trying to design this schedule system to print out a kick ass schedule. Basically the short story is that the satabase select statements are going to be a bitch, and that's all I'll say because I'll bore all of you to teass and seeing as I've got lots of people who actually read this nonsense, I'll spare you the details.

I"m tired though, I'm rockin out to to some awesome jazz on xm which is peppin up the blood, movin the brain muscle, and promoting a crapload of cogitative creativity. I'm thinking I just made oup a word :).

The day at Chris was oh so exciting. I consisted of let's see, sitting there, sitting, there, more sitting there, and wiat wait there's more, sitting there. This sitting was enthralling, it consisted of me watching Chris snore away as I read pointless lj's because I'd got tired of reading my friends pages for the third time :P. Just kidding Chris it wasn't that boring, I took a nap, that's the ultimate of excitement.

Then, we had some kick ass steak, and margaritas, and then I trekked away from civilization to the house of Ner which is in the middle of freaking no where. Got another icon made by the iconic icon girl and then talked to the web god Jeff. So is my boring day to day life which I'm sure you did not want to read but you ad to anyway.

I would give anything to be typing this journal while listening to jazz riffs while sitting in a cool floating lawn chair in the middle of a swimming pool. Chris has one of those cool chairs and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of floating. YOu see, since I have a bone condition that makes my bones dense (and breakable I might add), I sink very easily in water. I have to work really hard to stay afloat while swimming, and sitting in that chair *is* heaven to me because I'm actually able to float. What a concept.

Well, not much planned for tomorrow, but I'm getting exceptionally confused now due to the thousands of aim messages floating to and fro, sO I will end this excuse of an entry, and head west my friends. I suppose I could go north, south, or east, but I picked west so there :).

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